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Oscar court

Oscar Pistorius has taken to the stand.

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1:01:21 pm - Tue 8 Apr

Court adjourns for lunch.

1:00:40 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:59:02 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:57:32 pm - Tue 8 Apr

When he heard the toilet door slam, he says it confirmed that the intruder was in there.

12:56:59 pm - Tue 8 Apr

He says he made his way down the passage without his legs on.

12:54:50 pm - Tue 8 Apr

It’s at this point he reached for the gun…

12:54:03 pm - Tue 8 Apr

When he thought it was a burglar, the first thing that came to his mind is that he needed to protect Reeva and himself.

12:51:46 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:51:23 pm - Tue 8 Apr

It’s at this point that he heard the bathroom window slide open and hit the door frame.

12:49:51 pm - Tue 8 Apr

He sobs as he recalls getting up to close the doors.

12:49:07 pm - Tue 8 Apr

He says he woke up in the early hours of the morning on February 14th when he noticed the doors were still open.

12:45:05 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:44:44 pm - Tue 8 Apr

Post adjournment, Oscar returns to court in a white t-shirt and shorts. Roux says he will demonstrate the removal of his legs.

12:37:20 pm - Tue 8 Apr

As he recalls the gift, he breaks down. Court adjourns for 5 minutes.

12:36:48 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:36:24 pm - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar says they had both agreed not to make a big deal out of Valentines day, but when he got home on the 13th, there was a wrapped gift from Reeva on the table. He pretended to open it, but was told he could only open it the next day.

12:34:08 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:33:39 pm - Tue 8 Apr

While he shares these events, his voice starts to become very fragile.

12:33:17 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:32:34 pm - Tue 8 Apr

After the stretches and phone call, Reeva called Oscar to brush his teeth. He did so and then proceeded to get into the bed on the left hand side of the bed because his right shoulder was bothering him.

12:31:03 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:30:35 pm - Tue 8 Apr

The TV was on, Oscar and Reeva chatted. She surfed the internet occasionally showing him pictures while he decided to phone his cousin.

12:28:06 pm - Tue 8 Apr

The alarm was also activated. And he had a button nearby he could press to activate it.

12:27:19 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:26:29 pm - Tue 8 Apr

The purpose of the bat as an additional security measure was to jam the door closed in the event of the lock failing he explains.

12:25:28 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:24:44 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:23:18 pm - Tue 8 Apr

He then pulled the blinds and curtains to avoid the bugs from coming in.

12:22:20 pm - Tue 8 Apr

He says he placed the fans between the semi shut doors to try and get the warm air out.

12:21:56 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:20:26 pm - Tue 8 Apr

By the time he got upstairs, it was about 8pm. The aircon was not working and it was humid so he opened the balcony doors.

12:19:18 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:18:59 pm - Tue 8 Apr

After dinner, they cleared the table, he went upstairs and she followed soon after.

Says they had a taxing day, and would ordinarily have stayed and watched TV.

12:17:55 pm - Tue 8 Apr

Reeva was in the process of signing a new contract, so he went through it with her, making amendments.

12:17:25 pm - Tue 8 Apr

After chatting a bit at the dining room table, they had dinner shortly after 7pm.

12:14:48 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:14:34 pm - Tue 8 Apr

Referring to the iPad, Oscar says that while Reeva was cooking, he used it to surf the net and look at cars.

12:13:12 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:12:46 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:12:12 pm - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar said he had planned a boys night, but Reeva, preferring to spend time with him and not have a girls night of her own, offered to cook for Oscar. He arrived after 6.

12:11:10 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:10:46 pm - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar explains that on the afternoon of the 13th, he met with friends. “I didn’t have any plans for the afternoon”, he explains.

12:09:14 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:08:42 pm - Tue 8 Apr

Now on to the night of the incident in question.

12:06:39 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:03:58 pm - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar says they were both to blame. He should never have asked to see the gun in the restaurant and Fresco should not have handed him a loaded weapon.

12:02:41 pm - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar says it’s at this point that Fresco said he would take the blame.

12:02:07 pm - Tue 8 Apr

Angry at Fresco for handing him a live weapon, Oscar handed it back to him.

12:01:18 pm - Tue 8 Apr

He admits that asking to see the firearm was stupid.

12:00:57 pm - Tue 8 Apr

12:00:31 pm - Tue 8 Apr

11:59:27 am - Tue 8 Apr

Roux now moves on to the Tasha’s incident.

11:58:40 am - Tue 8 Apr

There is a dispute here between Fresco who says Oscar fired and Oscar who has now denied.

11:58:07 am - Tue 8 Apr

Says actual shooting of gun through the sunroof “never happened”.

11:57:48 am - Tue 8 Apr

Fresco was then issues with a fine, and Oscar, after being at a friends house that evening, left for Scotland.

11:56:30 am - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar admits to being angry at the lost ejected bullet that the cop released in the car. He could not find it. “I was angry he’d handled my firearm” .

11:55:20 am - Tue 8 Apr

In the re-telling of his version of events, Oscar is asked by Judge Masipa to slow down. He is talking too fast.

11:53:19 am - Tue 8 Apr

11:52:45 am - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar says that when he asked for his firearm back, the police officer became aggressive.

11:52:11 am - Tue 8 Apr

When he exited the car, Oscar says he left the firearm in the car. Did not take it with him.

11:51:35 am - Tue 8 Apr

At this point, Oscar exits the car, to try and diffuse the situation.

11:51:01 am - Tue 8 Apr

11:50:35 am - Tue 8 Apr

AFter initially being pulled over, Fresco, along with Oscar and Sam were pulled over a second time.

11:49:11 am - Tue 8 Apr

11:48:25 am - Tue 8 Apr

Roux moves to the incident of Oscar shooting the sunroof of the car with his ex Sam Taylor.

11:47:03 am - Tue 8 Apr

Reeva then let Oscar know she was going to his house to do laundry. He told her she could spend the night there.

Roux now moves to the discharging of the firearm.

11:44:16 am - Tue 8 Apr

The meeting was with a financial advisor. She was just wishing him luck.

11:43:50 am - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar explains that the message Reeva sent him was in relation to a meeting he had.

11:42:18 am - Tue 8 Apr

One of the February 13th messages from Reeva say that she is thinking about him and wishing him luck.

11:38:26 am - Tue 8 Apr

Roux now moves to messages sent on February 13th.

11:37:05 am - Tue 8 Apr

Court has resumed after the tea break.

11:16:10 am - Tue 8 Apr

Court adjourns for tea.

11:15:29 am - Tue 8 Apr

When she asked if she could have coffee with Warren, he responded that he will say her later “xx”.

11:14:41 am - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar is explaining Reeva’s relationship with Warren now… her ex boyfriend.

11:13:47 am - Tue 8 Apr

There’s a lot of exchanges between them about who misses who more. Roux moves to February 12th. Reeva sent a message saying: “See your woman told you, you looking good”.

11:12:22 am - Tue 8 Apr

Roux continues on to the evening of February 11. He asks Oscar to continue reading it out. Reeva sent Oscar a message to say she misses him.

11:03:17 am - Tue 8 Apr

Roux moves to the messages on the 1st of February now. Slowly nearing the night of the incident.

11:01:31 am - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar is extremely emotional now. Cradles his head in hands as he reads out the text he sent Reeva: “I miss you so much” .

10:58:44 am - Tue 8 Apr

Now Roux addresses the texts sent from January 29

10:50:40 am - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar’s ex girlfriend has just live tweeted a response to his reactions on the stand regarding the line of questioning as well as their relationship – when he accused her of being unfaithful.

10:38:55 am - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar explains why he mentioned that Reeva was not happy and why he addressed that in one of the texts. He says that she was stressed about a shoot and her diet and did not feel happy. He says he was trying to supportive.

Now on to the leopard dress text. She asked Oscar if she could wear the dress, Oscar replied that she should enjoy the night. And that he loved the dress because she looked amazing in it. He followed on with saying that he wished he was with her.

Roux wants to know how he felt that she went to functions without him… He explains that the nature of their work was that way. He was unhappy that he could not be with her but it often happened that they had events in both their lives they could not attend.

Later on Reeva sent a picture saying that she wished he was there too. And he responded with kisses back and told her she looks “amazeballs”.

10:33:37 am - Tue 8 Apr

Roux now moves to the exchanges between them on January 16. Oscar very emotional now at the recitation of these messages out loud to court room.

10:30:50 am - Tue 8 Apr

Roux wants to know about “boo” now. Oscar explains that it’s a term of endearment.

10:30:09 am - Tue 8 Apr

The line of questioning now moves to Oscar’s previous girlfriend, Sam Taylor, who sent several texts to Oscar asking him to reconcile. She believed Oscar had cheated on her.

10:26:08 am - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar confesses that Reeva received a lot of hate mail as a result of dating him.

10:23:51 am - Tue 8 Apr

Roux still addressing a lot of the text messages between Reeva and Oscar.

10:08:34 am - Tue 8 Apr

Roux wants to address the state’s use of specific messages now, that they raised questions about earlier in the trial.

10:07:23 am - Tue 8 Apr

Page 224′s last messages reflect the kisses and the “baby”, with no reflection of who sent the messages, but the additional page reflects who sent it. The judge clarifies the times of the messages and all seem resolved.

10:06:05 am - Tue 8 Apr

There is still confusion about where the additional page fills in. Nel is contesting here. Because Roux is making it seem like the pages reflect that the argument is over. Nel does not understand. The judge says she understands that the kisses imply the end of the argument and that it follows.

10:03:28 am - Tue 8 Apr

Roux asking to turn to page 375 now… Some confusion here, the page seems to be missing. Roux is handing out the page in question now.

10:02:55 am - Tue 8 Apr

Roux trying to get to the bottom of the “Baby” text. Oscar explains that it was a text from her to let him know she was thinking of him.

10:01:27 am - Tue 8 Apr

The Whatsapp that followed was “three kisses”… IE: xxx, which Reeva responded to with five kisses: xxxxx

10:00:24 am - Tue 8 Apr

“I’m sorry I wanted to go but I was hungry and upset” – Oscar’s message.

9:59:54 am - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar explained that he responded to Reeva apologetically. And tried to explain what happened.

9:57:22 am - Tue 8 Apr

When they left, Oscar says he dropped Reeva off at her place, and they did not talk until Reeva sent the message.

9:56:46 am - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar explains that the exchange happened on a bad day in their relationship. On the day he was running late and had to give Reeva’s friend a lift. They had an enjoyable morning, but he had mentioned that he could not eat the food there due to diet restrictions so they agreed they would leave at the same time.

Reeva started talking to an unknown gentleman, Oscar was upset that she had not introduced him even though he was standing next to her. “I felt maybe insecure, or jealous. She started tickling my neck… and I was not kind to her the way I should have been”.

9:53:22 am - Tue 8 Apr

“I’m scared of you sometimes and how you react to me…you make me happy 90% of the time” -Reeva.

9:52:06 am - Tue 8 Apr

Roux turns to page 223 of 343, messaged sent on the 27th of January. Roux asks Oscar to read the exchange to the court. It’s the message where Reeva was at her friends engagement.

9:49:38 am - Tue 8 Apr

Roux is currently going through a Whatsapp exchange between Reeva and himself. The exchange occurred during the Confederations Cup opening which Oscar participated in. Reeva was observing.

9:46:03 am - Tue 8 Apr

Oscar Pistorius is on the stand again today. Will he address the incident in today’s line of questioning?

2:41:00 pm - Mon 7 Apr

A debate going on now about Oscar’s state. Should they continue? The judge says he sounds exhausted and there is an agreement that they will adjourn until tomorrow.

2:40:11 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Oscar says he had too much on his mind to sleep last night. “The weight of this is extremely over-bearing”, he says.

2:32:26 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Oscar said he got the bull terrier because he wanted a better watch dog. 3 years later he rescued an American Pitbull, who he said was very passive. Roux makes reference to a video of police interaction with the police. Oscar says the dogs were licking the police officers and very friendly.

His selection of the particular breeds were because he wanted watch dogs and he thought the Jack Russell would make a good alert dog.

2:29:07 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Round about December 12th, Oscar said he started looking for property in Johannesburg, so that he and Reeva could move in together.

2:22:12 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Oscar has not been back to Silver Woods estate (his place of residence) since the shooting.

2:17:54 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Does anyone know what the average amount of times is for South Africans to encounter crime or be a victim of it? Oscar’s stats are pretty high in terms of the encounters he has shared. Or are his instances just more because of his status?

2:15:42 pm - Mon 7 Apr

He says a similar, or the same car, has followed him on several occasions.

2:14:48 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Oscar is now explaining the several instances he says he was followed home.

2:12:48 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Says that while he lived with his mother, there were several occasions where the house was broken into, and several items were stolen. He also mentions that many members of his family have been victims of violent crime. In 2005 Oscar’s home was broken into while he was in Manchester. He was informed by a neighbour. He returned from a trip a week and half later, to find his car roof had been cut. There was also an occasion where an intruder was in his garden. He says he had been shot at on the highway, and has more than once been followed home.

2:10:16 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Questioning now turns to exposure to crime. Oscar says everybody in SA has been exposed to crime. He offers the house break ins when he was growing up as an example.

2:09:00 pm - Mon 7 Apr

He says he smoked dagga with a friend when his mother passed away at the age of 15. But has since not had any encounters with illegal substances.

2:08:16 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Roux asks Oscar whether he consumed any drinks on the day of the boating accident. Oscar says he had a drink but was not intoxicated.

2:07:25 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Oscar is back in the stand as Roux continues his line of questioning.

12:58:33 pm - Mon 7 Apr

The judge calls for a lunch adjournment.

12:56:36 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Quick break to share this meme…


12:51:39 pm - Mon 7 Apr

“The Vaal river runs from East to West”… Oscar is talking about a boating incident he had.

12:45:51 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Roux asks if Oscar is involved in any charitable work. He says was part of an organisation that started Mine Seeker. A charity that saw to those who had disabilities due to land mines.

12:42:01 pm - Mon 7 Apr

He says there is seldom a time when he does not have his prosthetic legs on. He keeps them on the side of his bed.

12:40:30 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Oscar says he had trouble travelling. The prosthetics make blood circulation hard when he sits in confined spaces.

12:38:04 pm - Mon 7 Apr

He was devastated when he did not qualify for Beijing. He missed the qualification time by a quarter of a second. It was a very hard time for him, he says.

12:35:41 pm - Mon 7 Apr

He says that he thinks he really started to excel in athletics in 2009. He then goes on to revise a history of his winnings up until that point. Says that 2008 was a difficult year because of a case regarding the prosthetic legs and whether they had an advantage.

12:34:05 pm - Mon 7 Apr

The legs he started running with had been out for several years by the time he started using them. There has since been a lot of advancement. The ones he is currently using, have had no approved advancements left.

12:32:39 pm - Mon 7 Apr

He was offered a bursary to the University of Pretoria for athletics. While concentrating on that, he failed at academics, so he decided to turn professional. He mentions that there was not a lot of money in paralympics at that stage, so it was a bit of a struggle. But he mostly competed in able bodied meetings.

12:29:28 pm - Mon 7 Apr

“By the time we were informed she was sick, she was already in a coma” – Oscar Pistorius.

12:28:31 pm - Mon 7 Apr

The questioning again leaning toward Oscar’s mother and the effect that her passing had on him.

Oscar says even though his parents got divorced when they were quite young, there was a lot of contact between families.

“Everything we learnt in life I learnt from her”, he says.

12:26:44 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Oscar says his first disabled meeting was in 2014.

12:25:17 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Oscar says he was never much of an academic. But he participated in rugby and water polo, later moving on to athletics.

12:24:18 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Oscar requested that he go to boarding school. After a discussion with his mom and family, he went to Pretoria Boys High.

12:23:19 pm - Mon 7 Apr

She (his mother) kept her fire arm in a padded bag under her pillow.

12:22:51 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Oscar reveals that his mother would scared often, there were a few break ins at their home. His mom had a pistol.

Oscar is asked to speak louder… His voice still sounding fragile.

12:22:06 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Among others, Oscar and his brother tried canoeing and wrestling at school. His mother encouraged him to try things to overcome his physical disabilities.

12:21:14 pm - Mon 7 Apr

He says he got into a physical altercation with another kid at school who tore the buttons from his shirt. His mom defended him, telling the principle that she believed her kids should stand up for themselves.

12:20:20 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Oscar says he did encounter bullying at school. When he revealed this to his parents, they encouraged him to stand up for himself.

“We were taught that we don’t cry to our parents at the end of the day”, he says.

12:18:56 pm - Mon 7 Apr

His prosthetic legs during primary school were heavy. Oscar says it was difficult with other kids – they are untainted when it comes to opinions…

12:17:58 pm - Mon 7 Apr

There is a lot of questioning around Oscar’s mother – And her reaction to his condition. He says his mom was care-free. She did not want him to see his disability as something that would hold him back.

12:16:48 pm - Mon 7 Apr

He explains that he was born with missing fibular – the bone between the knee and the ankle. He goes into detail about the amputation.

He received his first prosthetics when he was 13 months old.

12:15:46 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Oscar is now giving the court a bit of background on his upbringing.

Says he grew up in a loving house hold. He gets very emotional when he is asked about his legs. “The difficulty is when I do not have my legs on”. He explains that there is very little mobility and balance.

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Live blog: The Nkandla Report


Follow our live blog for all the latest updates on the release of the Nkandla report.

3:56:04 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Nkandla report has resulted in Madonsela talking for over 400 pages. She is understandably stumbling over her words and slurring a little bit.

3:48:07 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Read the original Nkandla story here.

3:07:20 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Read Thuli Madonsela’s full Nkandla Report and findings here:

Nkandla Report.

3:01:12 pm - Wed 19 Mar

COPE leader Lekota has a bit of a grin on his face. Can’t see the public protector properly. Swaps seats.

2:53:40 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Okay kids. The tuck shop has been cleared. It is housed in a building with other security measures and formed part of the initial security evaluation reports says Madonsela.

2:47:00 pm - Wed 19 Mar

And in other news, several Zuma supporters on Twitter are expressing their support using the tag: #HandsOffPresidentZuma

2:27:21 pm - Wed 19 Mar

2:26:53 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Thuli pauses for a long time after saying that she is unable to conclude whether the appointment of the architect was a conflict of interest.

2:22:16 pm - Wed 19 Mar

It is unclear why reasons for security were sufficient enough to deviate from the rules of the treasury.

2:21:44 pm - Wed 19 Mar

2:19:27 pm - Wed 19 Mar

The households in question were moved at the cost of R8 million.

“It is common cause that an excess of R250 million has been spent” -Thuli Madonsela.

2:17:30 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela is addressing how the expropriation act was not taken in consideration.

2:16:29 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Some Twitterati starting to worry about the instability in Thuli’s voice. They’re wondering what’s wrong. Pulling at straws for something sensational there guys? Settle. She’s a strong woman, I think she can handle it.

2:15:07 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela says the relocation of neighbouring houses at Nkandla was done at the state’s expense. And this is a problem.

2:15:03 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: Attempts were made to inform the President of portions of payment proved by apportion document, but we don’t know if he received it.

2:10:57 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Did the president know that he had to pay and was he consulted as required by law?
How can everyone know what’s in it, but not know where it is now?

2:09:51 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: The disappearance of the document at a time when all involved were conversant on its contents is a matter of great concern.

2:09:21 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: We got a copy of the apportion document, and some items were ticked as for the owner’s account.

2:08:03 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Seriously, folks …


2:04:30 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: The Presidency argued strongly it would be unfair to ask a president to pay for his own security if done as public office bearer.

1:59:25 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Police letter to president is important because testimony says it was never the intention to ask him to pay for security upgrades.

1:56:09 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: There was never an intention to have the owner pay for these installations.

1:52:34 pm - Wed 19 Mar


1:50:51 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Minister of Police couldn’t explain why Nkandla should be included under the National Key Points Act.

1:47:43 pm - Wed 19 Mar

President Jacob Zuma was briefed on the Nkandla project from time to time – Madonsela

1:46:44 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: There was authority to install upgrades, but security had to be excised within Cabinet standards.

1:46:06 pm - Wed 19 Mar


1:43:33 pm - Wed 19 Mar

May 2009 security measures were posted at R27-million.

1:40:35 pm - Wed 19 Mar


1:39:46 pm - Wed 19 Mar

National Key Points Acts was dragged into the Nkandla project, but it wasn’t applied correctly.

1:38:46 pm - Wed 19 Mar

BTW, Zuma must report back to Parliament with his comments on this Nkandla report within 14 days.

1:37:34 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Security measures at private residences would not be automatic.

1:36:54 pm - Wed 19 Mar

How are privileges regulated? Through ministerial handbook. But it does not cover president, deputy and former leaders.

1:35:59 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: Nkandla was declared a national key point on April 8, 2010

1:35:12 pm - Wed 19 Mar


1:34:49 pm - Wed 19 Mar


1:33:41 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Good question …


1:32:00 pm - Wed 19 Mar


1:29:09 pm - Wed 19 Mar


1:26:46 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela experienced lengthy delays in response to Section 79 notices. When asked to extend timelines, her office was threatened with litigation.

1:24:55 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Zuma was given a copy of provisional report and notice, PP received submissions from him and met with his lawyers.

1:24:19 pm - Wed 19 Mar


1:23:18 pm - Wed 19 Mar

She interviewed former minister of public works, former deputy minister of public works, and officials from public works, police and defence.

1:22:03 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: The investigation included correspondence between PP and presidency. First letter was in Jan 2012.

1:21:11 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Here’s the M&G’s story so far.

Nkandla report: Zuma unduly benefited from upgrades. Read it here.

1:19:45 pm - Wed 19 Mar


1:18:59 pm - Wed 19 Mar


1:18:08 pm - Wed 19 Mar

After the sensational headlines, Madonsela now gets into the nitty gritty of her investigation; the laws she was guided by and the conditions of her probe.

1:16:42 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Main legal instrument was Cabinet policy of 2003, national key points act, laws relating to public procurement.

1:16:21 pm - Wed 19 Mar

We looked at compliance, conduct of the president, and others involved in the upgrades.

1:14:39 pm - Wed 19 Mar

The period of the investigation is from May 9 2009 until end January 2014.

1:14:15 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: The state has made a major contribution to the President’s estate at the expense of the taxpayer.

1:13:27 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: Security installations began shortly after he (Zuma) was sworn in as President of SA in 2009.

1:12:33 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Was the expenditure by the state excessive?

1:11:16 pm - Wed 19 Mar

There was a dispute about what the complaint was about.

Accusation 2: The procurement process was improper. 3: Conduct of Zuma may have been unethical

Was there authority for the implementation of security measures, buildings, and was it violated?

1:07:01 pm - Wed 19 Mar


1:05:36 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Public Works violated Constitution by diverting funds from two other projects, says Madonsela.

1:02:28 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: First allegation was published in 2009, but government only acted two years later.

1:01:39 pm - Wed 19 Mar


1:00:49 pm - Wed 19 Mar

BTW, Madonsela’s Nkandla report is titled “Secure in Comfort”.

12:58:21 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: I am…unable to find that his (Zuma’s) conduct was in violation of … the executive ethics code.

12:57:01 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: By the time I concluded this investigation R215-million had been spent and about R246-million expected to be spent when concluded.

12:55:55 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: Zuma didn’t mislead Parliament willfully in his knowledge, approval of upgrades.

12:53:20 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: If a government becomes a law breaker it invites contempt for the law.

12:51:43 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: My office has a further responsibility to be accessible to all personas and communities

12:51:06 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Madonsela: Our job is to strengthen constitutional democracy.

12:48:32 pm - Wed 19 Mar


12:46:43 pm - Wed 19 Mar


12:44:52 pm - Wed 19 Mar

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela welcomes journalists and other interested parties. Thanks them for attending.

12:41:36 pm - Wed 19 Mar

And … it’s a go. The briefing has begun.

12:39:26 pm - Wed 19 Mar


12:28:10 pm - Wed 19 Mar


12:19:15 pm - Wed 19 Mar

If you need to catch up on the Nkandla saga, read the M&G’s special report here.

12:11:11 pm - Wed 19 Mar


12:09:37 pm - Wed 19 Mar


12:07:01 pm - Wed 19 Mar


12:01:22 pm - Wed 19 Mar


12:00:15 pm - Wed 19 Mar

A must read by Haji Mohamed Dawjee: In a fictional land, the ruler of a private residence, Nkandla, is determined to foil the public protector’s plan to bring about an end to the ANC. Read more.

11:58:48 am - Wed 19 Mar

Read: The M&G’s Sarah Evans on why the Nkandla report matters.

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Back from lunch and ready for more design goodness.

Up next, Dean Poole, the co-founder and creative director of Alt Group, a multidisciplinary design studio based in New Zealand.

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Good Morning

It’s day two of the Design Indaba conference. Let’s get this programme started

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Budget speech 2014: Live from Parliament


Follow our live blog for updates from Parliament during this year’s budget speech.

4:18:49 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Fukusawa believes that design should be intuitive

“Thinking takes time, feeling is in an instant”

2:29:47 pm - Fri 28 Feb

ART: A General Proposition, A Curious Visit, A Free Poster, A rhetorical question, A verbal question,  A Right Left, A postmodern Condition, A Great Mate, A Sure thing, A Fee Entry

9:24:24 am - Thu 27 Feb

Good morning everyone. It’s day two of Design Indaba 2014 conference. Let’s get this programme started.

3:25:07 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Gordhan now thanks his leaders for letting him serve in government. He also thanks his colleagues for their hard work and co-operation.

3:23:27 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Gordhan addressing the “born frees” now. More than 1 million South Africans turn 20 this year.

3:22:09 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Gordhan on service delivery, “We’ve heard your pleas and will improve our delivery mechanisms.”

3:19:41 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Access to basic services has grown rapidly and black participation in the economy has expanded. But this is not enough.

3:18:52 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Since 94 the average income of South Africans has increased by 30 %.

3:16:59 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Government is concerned with the debt of households, and would like to clamp down on lenders and debt collectors.

3:15:15 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Chief Procurement Office to ensure that government gets “value for money”.

3:12:02 pm - Wed 26 Feb

We should all send a message to the property industry in SA, “Why aren’t you honest in the deals you make with government”. There’s a lot of chanting in agreement here.

3:10:30 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Expenditure ceiling commits State to spending limits of R1.03-trillion in 2014/15, R1.11-trillion in 15/16

3:06:33 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Global tax policies are being used to counter harmful tax practices.

3:04:50 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Gordhan says the implementation of the carbon tax is postponed by a year to 2016.

3:03:13 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Legislation to allow for tax-exempt savings accounts will proceed this year, to encourage household savings

3:01:15 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Beer up by 9c per 340ml and R4.80 per bottle of whiskey. A lot of murmuring and unhappiness in the house. Gordhan assures everyone that this is in line with inflation.

On the 2nd of April, fuel levy’s increase by 12c/l.

2:59:24 pm - Wed 26 Feb

A lot of applause as Gordhan announces no tax increase.

2:57:47 pm - Wed 26 Feb

“Revenue collected next year will exceed one trillion rand.”

2:56:26 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Now Gordhan moves on to tax policies, “the moment you have been waiting for”, he says.

2:55:41 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Gordhan says the first islamic bond will be introduced this year, which is important – “We must invite new types of investors”, he says.

2:49:16 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Gordhan says Africa offers interesting opportunities with SA as the second largest investor.

2:48:22 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Gordhan says government has been in talks with businesses to figure out to make business easier in SA.

2:46:33 pm - Wed 26 Feb

“We project growth to increase from 2.7 % this year, to 3.5 % in 2016″ – Gordhan.

2:44:38 pm - Wed 26 Feb

SA will have opportunities and risks as well. We earn a lot of money by exporting our commodities. We must ensure that our fiscal and monetary choices keep inflation low.

2:43:28 pm - Wed 26 Feb

‘Terror’ Lekota looks a bit bored. Starts to have a quiet chat across the room.

2:42:18 pm - Wed 26 Feb

The African continent is expected to grow by about 6% per year over the next two years.

2:40:50 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Manufacturing development incentives are allocated R10.3 billion over the next three years, in addition to tax relief.

2:38:53 pm - Wed 26 Feb

2:37:56 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Employment creation is mainly the responsibility of the private sector.

Gordhan often reads suggestions out in parliament which have been made by ordinary citizens.

2:34:17 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Over the next 5 years R105 billion will be rolled out to rural municipalities for electricity, water, etc.

2:31:45 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Social infrastructure will see an increase of 30 billion to 43 billion.

2:30:56 pm - Wed 26 Feb

The 2014 budget again give special priority to education. Infrastructure backlogs are being dealt with.

2:29:26 pm - Wed 26 Feb

And now he’s on to education. R115 billion has been spent on higher education over the past 5yrs,including R18.6 billion on the National Student Financial Aid.

2:28:27 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Gordhan asks the house to applaud all the health workers in SA for increasing the mortality rate in SA.

2:26:38 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Foster care grant increase from R800 to R830.

2:25:29 pm - Wed 26 Feb

“Tremendous work was done in the last 5 years by this administration – which can be proved with numbers.” Gordhan is adamant here, very convincing.

2:24:08 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Gordhan on to employment now. He says we need to work together to create better opportunities for employment. There are strategies in place for youth employment. Says the new tax incentive program has 56, 000 beneficiaries.

2:21:05 pm - Wed 26 Feb

A renewed focus on accountability and quality in education as well as phasing-in of National Health Insurance will be focussed on.

2:18:41 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Expenditure has been reprioritised and the deficit will steadily decline.

2:17:07 pm - Wed 26 Feb

To make more rapid progress in creating jobs we have to grow our economy by 5% or more per year.

2:15:57 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Gordhan explains that the next government will offer details on the plans to deliver on the NDP.

2:13:49 pm - Wed 26 Feb

“We have saved this country from the worst impact of the global recession” – Gordhan.

2:13:12 pm - Wed 26 Feb

Gordhan now addressing the way SA dealt with the global economic crises, says we recorded positive growth since 2010.

2:09:23 pm - Wed 26 Feb

We have now turned the budget around where we’re not just spending on consumption but also capital investments explains Gordhan.

2:07:46 pm - Wed 26 Feb

The global economic outlook remains unsteady. Gordahn says South Africa expects a growth of 2.2% this year.

2:05:18 pm - Wed 26 Feb

The South African economy stabilised after the 2008 recession.

This budget will set out resource plans for implementation of the NDP.

2:03:12 pm - Wed 26 Feb

The budget speech has started. Minister Pravin Gordhan opens by explaining that even though a lot has been achieved in the past 5 years, there is a lot to be done.

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Design Indaba 2014

Design Indaba0167

Follow our live blog for the latest updates from selected sessions of this year’s Design Indaba.

6:26:54 pm - Sun 2 Mar

Mathapelo Ngako-Mtati is community director of Monkeybiz bead project. All the profits from the sale of their artworks are reinvested back into community services including soup kitchens, food parcels and a burial fund for beaders and their families.


6:23:40 pm - Sun 2 Mar

This is Mikhail. Together with two other students at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and two lecturers, he’s created this prototype electric scooter. It’s rechargeable (obviously), will carry you for 20km, and has enough oomph in its motor to take you up Kloof Nek.


6:18:19 pm - Sun 2 Mar

This is the notewall at the Cape Craft and Design Institute stand at the Design Indaba. They asked: how can we help you? What support do you need to improve your creative business?


6:04:08 pm - Sun 2 Mar

Street Sleeper bags are made from upcycled PVC advertising boards. The bags provide protection against the elements at night, and double up as backpacks during the day. Designer Oliver Brain’s ultimate goal is to raise awareness around homelessness and the economic disenfranchisement that goes with it. The production process of these bags provides employment for homeless people and local businesses, and the Haven Night Shelter in Woodstock, Cape Town, is currently the main distributor of Street Sleeper bags.


5:31:19 pm - Sun 2 Mar

Design Indaba 2014 Expo: Simone Biggs created the Edu Chair, a product which combines a chair design with educational elements, numbers, letters and games. She came up with the idea while volunteering at a container library project in Grabouw.


5:27:16 pm - Sun 2 Mar

John Newdigate is a ceramicist based in Swellendam. He grew up in Cape Town, next to the sea, and worked on fishing boats before he took up ceramics some 25 years ago. Many of his designs reflect his roots, with fish, birds and even plankton featuring on his ceramic bowls. This is his first year as a solo exhibitor at the Design Indaba.


5:07:46 pm - Sun 2 Mar

Design Indaba 2014 Expo: And the winner is … Steam 1886! This short film, directed by Adrian Lazarus and Nicky Felbert, has just been voted the Most Beautiful Object In South Africa. It’s a short fantasy fashion film showcasing the fashion, hats, gadgets and lifestyle of a possible 19th century steam culture. The film was shot inside one of Cape Town’s creative hotspots, Truth Coffee. The film won an award for ‘Best Art Direction’ at the International Fashion Film awards in LA last year.


4:56:23 pm - Sun 2 Mar

Design Indaba 2014 Expo: Makoko is an aquatic community of 100,000 people in Lagos, Nigeria. To address tidal changes and varying water levels, NLÉ designed a safe, floating structure that also uses renewable energy, recycles organic waste and harvests rainwater. Habitation for a changing world.image

5:46:29 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Audience Sings. Finally he asks, “What worked today” before you go to bed, think of three things that worked today. Video, ‘laughing yoga for success’. Thank you Design Indaba! We are happier!

5:42:54 pm - Fri 28 Feb

What makes us happy: Many friends, good friends, sense of accomplishment, non-repetitive activities, religion, singing in groups >>>> MAKES THE AUDIENCE STAND UP>>>> THEY ALL START SINGING TOGETHER, KARAOKE STYLE, ALL THE WORDS THAT COME UP ON THE SCREEN. “I WANT YOU TO BELT IT!” HE SHOUTS.

5:40:15 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Now is better (video)

5:37:35 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Steven Pinker, Remarkable decline in violence of the last 2000 years.

5:36:29 pm - Fri 28 Feb

His foolproof guide to happiness. Get into a car/ bike/ bicycle, plug into your music (10 tracks that don’t remind you of anything) and go, without destination. The beauty of uselessness.

5:34:41 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Was there something during Indaba? Make a deadline and stick to it, right now.

5:33:24 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Passionate love is much stronger than compassionate love- for six months. But for longer than that it becomes impossible to uphold. The couples that he interviewed that had been together for fourty years said that they were in compassionate love, with a bit of passion thrown in.

5:31:10 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Humility. “I don’t give a shit about it.” References his banana wall, a two metre wall of banana’s that sits in the gallery, starting fresh & slowly rotting.

5:29:34 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Empathy. Feel every feel.

5:28:51 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Thankfulness. “I’m just not a very thankful person” Often forgets to thank the organizers who invite him to talk at these conferences. Invites Ravi Naidoo up to stage and hugs him. Audience cheers.

5:27:26 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Smile detection software. Sculpture lights up when you activate it with your smile.

5:26:10 pm - Fri 28 Feb

I told my dad he should embrace his failures. He cried, and then he hugged me.

5:25:14 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Emotions: Sadness, Joy, Disgust, Surprise, Fear = only one ‘happy’ explains our Negativity Bias. If I am in danger, my body can sense it long before my eyes can send it back. Developed from our ancestors. “I would have a much fuller life if i overcame my fear more often”

5:22:32 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Even though we think we make these decisions ourselves, there are {statistically} more Dennis’ who become dentists and more Paula’s who marry Paul

5:20:57 pm - Fri 28 Feb

The rider & the elephant: the rider thinks it can tell the elephant what to do and where to go.

5:20:11 pm - Fri 28 Feb

The Happiness Hypothesis. Author is a scientist, so back up the theory with proof. “It’s about the big level of Happiness” His three most efficient strategies. Meditation. Cognitive Therapy. Drugs.

5:18:18 pm - Fri 28 Feb

The Happy Show is now in its fifth running. Now open at MOCA, L.A

5:16:09 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Men are as happy as women. Regardless of climate, income, white people are as happy as black people, older people are as happy as young people, religious people are happier than non-religious people, married people are happier than single people.

5:13:02 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Shows some of his happiness research, apparently South Africa is supposed to be ‘profoundly unhappy’. It is helpful to talk about happiness in terms of length. Factors affecting happiness: 1 Activities: non-repetitive behaviour. 2. Life Conditions. £. Genetics.

5:10:00 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“The Happy Show” Beginning his transition from the page, to the screen, preparing for his first film. Shows some of the moments from this infamous work, proclaiming proudly, “if you don’t ask, you won’t get”

5:06:16 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Wants to talk to us today about the possibility of talking about happiness in a certain way. White screen. Talks about the heat on the edges of the screen, like Table mountain. “All we could hope for from life is the transformation of misery into utter happiness.” Freud, his fellow austrian.

5:03:59 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Let the keynote begin! Sagmeister says “HELLO! My name is Stefan Sagmeister and I just had a fantastic pee.”

5:02:55 pm - Fri 28 Feb

He posts a quote: “A good designer is capable of objective sketching” and says ”We have to step back to step back and harmonised with our environment”

What an absolutely selfless designer. Always putting the needs of other before his own in designing FOR people and not FOR himself.

5:01:04 pm - Fri 28 Feb

He showcases a number of his designs for a company called Moji. One of which is a one slice toaster. A ONE SLICE TOASTER. The most intuitive thing if ever there was one.

4:59:52 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Chuckles about his running over time, skipping through a huge number of his designs. The extent of this man’s work is mindblowing. Lighting, furniture, phones, product packaging, lamps, the cd player to be mounted on the wall. And all of them, wonderfully, intuitively designed.

4:57:59 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Jokes about the name of his marble tables. When he made smaller ones he called them “Poodle” and a friend asked what will you call the bigger ones when you make them. They ended up being called “King Poodles”.

4:56:19 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Fukusawa talks about his inspiration for his designs and how people say that they have seen it somewhere before, but not:
“I always focus on your mind, not just the things I want to make. I find it more interesting to read your mind and your body and then make outlines to make something to fit in the environment. My product’s already in your mind you just haven’t seen it”

4:52:36 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“In order to make an outline in the air, we have to think about the life we already share. Shape does not have to be complex. It should be simple. You can understand the quality of simplicity. Objects should not be out standing. That’s why I keep designs simple”

4:50:58 pm - Fri 28 Feb

He designed a bookshelf with triangular shapes in the shelves to keep books from sliding off, as they do on standard bookshelves.

4:49:58 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Fukusawa’s chairs are shaped to mould to the human body — again the more intuitive way of designing — with a zipper at the back so the covers can be easily removed and changed.

4:46:26 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“When you understand how people do things you can predict the future. All human bodies behave in the same way if the environment is the same”

4:45:35 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Shows the picture of banana flavoured milk boxes that he designed, with the bright yellow and slight green colouring and stem of the banana, for a more intuitive design. Not all the fruit flavours he tried after that were as successful; the kiwi box looked brown and hairy and the banana one looked the best and most like the natural fruit.

4:42:14 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“You have to observe how people use things naturally, intuitively, around them”

4:41:28 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“Active memory is the memory is the memory you normally use to memorise without thinking”

Shows a picture of a milk carton balanced on a fence where the carton rests exactly on the square of the beam of a fence. You don’t think consciously, but the fitting of the carton is intuitive using active memory.

A man uses the doors of a train as a mirror because of its reflective surface as a mirror. It’s not a mirror but it’s the an intuitive use of an object for an alternative use.

4:37:27 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“Your body is more honest than your mind”

He uses examples of people using a bottle cap as an ashtray or a fence to hang coats or a piece of paper to jam an alarm bell to keep it from ringing, a door held open by a stool to keep the door of a bar open but not to let customers in yet.

These are examples of people using ideas for immediate solutions to problems without thinking too much about it. This relates back to Fukusawas “Without Thought” concept.

4:34:13 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“Affordance is equal to interaction”

“Affordance is the random values each environments and situations presents to us” — James J Gibson

He explains by using the example of an umbrella stand. “We don’t need an umbrella stand if we have a groove in the floor (into which the umbrella can stand upside down without the assistance of a stand)”

4:31:40 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Designers need to understand what the need is and create for that need in the right way otherwise their “puzzle piece” will not fit in the “hole in the puzzle”, and not harmonise with the environment.

4:30:03 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Fukusawa talks about the unseen outline of things, how humans relate to the product and the product to the environment. Products aren’t just seen as elements by themselves, but we must look at how they interact with their environment. He uses a single puzzle piece as an example of looking at a single element, but a completed puzzle as the environment around that element. Knowing what to design is finding holes in the entire puzzle. If a design is created without looking at the environment, it could end up ill-fitting to the spaces we need them to fit in.

4:26:16 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Our world is made of mediums and matters (in the scientific sense).

The progression of design moves in the way it disappears into different spaces. The television for example has gone from a big box on a table to a television up against the wall. The same with telephones and kitchen products. Other products such as chairs tables and umbrellas still exist in their traditional form.

4:21:44 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“A word ‘world’ could represent a place where we belong rather than an aggregation of different nations”

4:17:29 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“So much has changed since when I spoke 11 years ago, but I’m still an industrial designer, but the design world has merged together to be integrated”

4:16:04 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Naoto Fukusawa last spoke at Design Indaba eleven years ago and has been asked to return ever since. He’s finally back!

4:11:41 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Tea break over and it’s the last stretch of Design Indaba Conference.

Next on the program is Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukusawa, one of the world’s most influential designers, well known for his “Without Thought” concept, where design thinking is closely linked to and informed by the subconscious.

3:41:58 pm - Fri 28 Feb

University of Free state uses art to expand peoples idea’s. Willem Boshoffs ‘thinking stone’ “It is to me, almost, an ultimate portrait”

3:40:06 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Bridget and Numsa. They go one day to visit Bridgets sister. Sister asks bridget why she didn’t have sex with men. She duly explained. Goes to bed that night and feels her panties being pulled down. Felt one of the men who was asking her about her sexuality about to rape her, ‘correctively’. She subsequently beats him with a metal rod. Numsa gets stabbed in fight. Later on they go to a party in PTA. Get called to police station. Find that Bridget’s sister had reported her to the police. Bridget was sent to jail for ten years. Learnt law in jail. Learnt that she could appeal her sentence. Submitted it to the supreme court. Judges free her. She spent three years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. “There is a tremendous amount of homophobia in the legal system, particularly in the townships. It is something we need to address in this country. “

3:33:56 pm - Fri 28 Feb

First portrait of the series is of a gun-maker. The sitter decides one day to use one of his own guns, having never fired one before. He hid in a plantation and waited for farmers to hit a bump in the road, hold them up when they needed his help. He was caught.

3:31:19 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“I wanted to meet people who had been in trouble with the law.” Made contact with a few, through organizations who assisted those previously incarcerated. Goes back to the scene of the crime with them. Recognizing the hurt it would pose his sitters, he offered to pay them for his curiosity.

3:28:26 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Zanele Muholi’s portrait on a bed with her partner. Outrageously beautiful.

3:27:20 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Antjie Krog requests a cover photo for her book of poetry. Shoots an old woman in the nude. Tension between the old woman, and her young breasts. Interestingly, the english version of the book sold more than the Afrikaans version.

3:25:14 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Looking for ‘experienced bodies’ to shoot nude. First sitter wasn’t working, she suggested a hat. Walks behind her, naked, to go upstairs and find a hat. “A photographers life is really a very interesting one.”

3:22:59 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Photo of Madiba. Taken not long before he became president. Went to his home at 5 in the morning whilst he was doing his morning exercises. Shoots him on a straight back kitchen chair. After Madiba’s press secretary refused, enraged at the thought of him in so simple a chair, Goldblatt retorts, “I want to shoot the president, not the furniture.”

3:18:52 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Albie Sachs: He was severely injured by a letter bomb sent by the security police. Shows next photo of Craig Williamson, the mad who bombed him, holding a cat on his lap. Secret Security spy. Looks a lot like Austin Powers’ ‘Doctor Evil’.

3:16:19 pm - Fri 28 Feb

- Detainees Parents Support Community: Parents weren’t allowed to share details of their childrens abuse. Became very active thorn in the side of the government. There were very few who were prepared to sit for a photo. One sitter did though. He had been in an incident of stone throwing. Police hauled him out of bed, in the middle of the night. Explains the brutal abuse of this boy for six days in detention. Met him in Kotze house. “I felt in him a kind of compassion, there was no hate.”

3:15:31 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Many people were being tortured by the security police. A lot of photographers would spend their time taking ‘evidence’. Became useful to lawyers, defending the victims.

3:10:45 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Boksburg. Ballet dancer on the stoep. Apothiosis of a young white woman trapped in middle class south africa.

3:09:31 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Hillbrow series. 1975. Obsession with peoples bodies that developed from taking peoples pictures. “You have beautiful hands, may i photograph them? I didn’t disclose which other parts I wanted to photograph.” She wanted to charge him 20c (a sex worker) he refused, eventually she gave in. Next up: ‘Freestate Balls!’

3:06:34 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Soccer Cup final, Soweto: Pivots around the mass of testosterone, photo comes to symbolise the palpable violence in Soweto at the time.

3:04:50 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Essay on Soweto for Optima Mag, at a time when it was unknown both locally and abroad. Suggested Peter Magubane, who was in solitary confinement, so he did it. “Soweto was not a slum, it was a vast series of government houses. Specifically designed to avoid them setting down roots.”

3:02:17 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Western Deep Levels, arrived and found that the compound manager had instructed every tribal group to present themselves to him in tribal attire. He didn’t want to make ethnographic portraits, but did it for them. The sitters.

2:59:41 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“Ingewikkelde” meaning in photograph

2:58:29 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“I’m a prodder, i’m not really very creative.”

2:57:26 pm - Fri 28 Feb

A man who needs no introduction! David Goldblatt. A legend comes to talk with us.

2:54:17 pm - Fri 28 Feb

talks about his trade off, one /over/ the other: mind/matter, talk/lunch, lipstick/done, very/priced, credit/limit, so/you, cross/line, pull/sir, drug/dose, hand/heart, judgement/ruled, conviction/turned, voice/artist, all/effect, total/load, i’m/worked, fired/nothing, something/seen, sometimes/looked, it’s/here, take/world, gross/statement, invoice/due, brief/view, mull/this, don’t/think, drunk/fill, head/bowl, drugs/counter, fuss/nothing, left/dinner, talk/phone, come/here, long/due, black/coat, fire/head, start/again, sunset/water, so/kill, almost/, win/her, roof/head, baby/due, cry/milk, jump/moon, eggs/easy, pull/jumper, run/dog, roll/boy, victory/death, very/bearing, bridge/water, game/baby, not/you, chat/coffee, chosen/another, all/itch, not/yet, jump/fence, little/active, all/again, i’m/it, so/it

2:46:51 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“I’m a boy, i’m a broom, i’m a man”

2:46:07 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“I really love brooms, could’ve talked an hour about brooms. But i wont.”

2:43:13 pm - Fri 28 Feb

“Keynote quit unexpectedly, Jesus!” :-0

2:42:28 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Marcel duchamp noticed when looking at a comb that its the gaps that do all the work. He subsequently shows his fascination with holes in his own sculptures. Enormous spades.

2:40:18 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Expressing NZ culture, jokes about sheep helping through those difficult teenage years.

2:39:13 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Rebranding the NZ Opera, Using the O, using the japanese flag, verdi, comedy and tragedy masks

2:33:24 pm - Fri 28 Feb

ist list: rules for creativity to work within. Lists of ‘-ists’

2:30:51 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Uses ART mnemonic to explain Duchamp. “Only difference between art and architecture is the plumbing”

2:27:54 pm - Fri 28 Feb


2:26:59 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Creating structures and systems for creativity to work within. SATOR/ Rotor square, Diastics, Masostics,

2:23:47 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Speaks about his interest generating from an interest in fine art, most prominently sculpture.

1:42:56 pm - Fri 28 Feb

Back from lunch and ready for more design goodness.

Up next, Dean Poole, the co-founder and creative director of Alt Group, a multidisciplinary design studio based in New Zealand.

11:48:16 am - Fri 28 Feb

Their multidisciplinary approach using a range of platforms and materials makes it difficult, Roberto says, “To explain what we do”

11:45:23 am - Fri 28 Feb

A publication that consists entirely of quotes in a effort to manipulate structures in an abstract way. They put together quotes that provide commentary on each other, one of which is “Capitalism is boring” contrasted with McDonald’s “I’m loving it”.

11:42:44 am - Fri 28 Feb

Roberto introduces his and Rosario’s project Found Objects: Dialogue

11:40:22 am - Fri 28 Feb

Roberto on public installations and how people engage with them: “They go beyond their form and become something political”

11:36:41 am - Fri 28 Feb

Rosario and Roberto created an installation in Mexico last September. For the first time it was a fully public installation of a whimsical “bench” made of cardboard, packing tape and bubble wrap, covered in orange stickers

11:33:24 am - Fri 28 Feb

Roberto created long tables using cardboard tables that were still structurally sound. They later added fiberglass as the table top with the leg structure still cardboard.

11:31:37 am - Fri 28 Feb

Rosario and Roberto on their installations “How can you take it to a more primitive level, where tools don’t dictate what you design?”

11:21:24 am - Fri 28 Feb

And we’re back from the break. The next speakers El Ultimo Grito ask if design should be left to designers

10:49:26 am - Fri 28 Feb

Wrapping up for a 15-minute tea break: the perception of Africa is quite twisted. Design Indaba is an amazing platform that showcases the wonderful work happening here. 89Plus thanks #DesignIndaba2014 for the opportunity and for having provided the platform for the past 20 years.

10:42:41 am - Fri 28 Feb

Brand, who currently works for Athi Patha-Ruga, studied history at UCT

“Whose perspective is history told from?”


10:40:26 am - Fri 28 Feb

Jody Brand calls herself a visual artist rather than a photographer. She views her blog as her gallery space “I’m not a party photographer and I’m not a blogger.” All her subjects featured in her blog are active participants and can choose how they want to be represented. Her blog Chomma



10:35:01 am - Fri 28 Feb

Fine artist Haroon Gunn-Salie taking us through a project he undertook in an attempt to engage with social injustice issues, specifically related to forced removals during apartheid. He and a team went around Cape Town systematically covering up ‘Zonnebloem” signs and replacing them with “District Six”.

He thought he may be arrested. He has not yet had an official response from the City of Cape Town.

Watch the video here

10:11:10 am - Fri 28 Feb

Sekhukhuni grapples and engages with Post Apartheid urban experiences, the Internet, the idea of national consciousness, cultural expressions of community and more in his art. But essentially, he says his work, expands on his idea of what it means to be human; the concept of life; and perhaps try to re-imagine it beyond some of the wishy-washy social conscripts.

Follow Bogosi Sekhukhuni on Twitter @outgettingribs

10:01:39 am - Fri 28 Feb

Bogosi Sekhukhuni tells us: class differences were evident in Kensington, a middle-class neighbourhood where he grew up – wedged between areas known for drug dealers, prostitutes and gangsters. He’s explaining his frame of reference as a performance artist.


9:57:17 am - Fri 28 Feb

Simon Castets is the director and curator of the Swiss Institut, NY and co-founder of 89Plus. He’s introducing next speaker Bogosi Sekhukhuni, a Johannesburg-based writer and performance artist.

9:52:50 am - Fri 28 Feb

Check out for more info on the project. Watch this interview with curator Obrist


9:49:03 am - Fri 28 Feb

89Plus was created by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets – a project to digitally map a new generation of a group of artists.

The panel has just joined us on stage.

9:44:31 am - Fri 28 Feb

Diabaté announces their firm is creating Abidjan’s first school of architecture.

“Let us design the future of urban Africa”

Audience applause

9:41:20 am - Fri 28 Feb

Issa Diabaté’s firm is tackling issues of urban planning by experimenting with design; taking into consideration the climate by using transparency and openness – in essence trangressing classical notions of internal space by making terraces and gardens the main living space.


9:30:28 am - Fri 28 Feb

Issa Diabaté talking about architecture in West Africa.

Abidjan’s population has grown from 1.2m to 6.5m from 1979 to 2014 but “we are still living in 1970s urban planning”.

9:25:30 am - Fri 28 Feb

Chaka Chaka says, she has dedicated her life to fight malaria in Africa – she’s part of an initiative, Goodbye Malaria enabling Africans to raise funds and advocate against malaria, while creating employment across the continent through the manufacture of fabulous Shweshwe pyjamas.

9:18:27 am - Fri 28 Feb

Yvonne Chaka Chaka telling the audience that when her friend, Phumzile died a few years ago, she didn’t know you could die from malaria. “And I’m married to a doctor.”

9:15:54 am - Fri 28 Feb

First speaker is Ivory Coast-based architect Issa Diabaté, managing director of Koffi & Diabaté Architects and co-founder of the Koffi & Diabaté Group. But first … Yvonne Chaka Chaka is in the house.

Audience cheers, pleased to see her.

9:04:53 am - Fri 28 Feb

Morning everyone. Welcome to Day 3 of Design Indaba 2014.

6:31:22 pm - Thu 27 Feb

Signing out for today. Incredible speakers

Come back tomorrow for more

4:36:43 pm - Thu 27 Feb

Varied range of artists. Athi is street taught, Zanele went to Market Photo and Nandipha graduated from Michaelis. Common theme of race, identity, sexuality, gender and of course, art.

3:57:01 pm - Thu 27 Feb

A list of awards to introduce Zanele Muholi. Her mentor who speaks tomorrow is David Goldblatt. A photographer, she is a visual activist and particularly relevant considering all the laws being passed against homosexual

3:53:28 pm - Thu 27 Feb

Her bullfighting series is incredible


3:39:04 pm - Thu 27 Feb

Nandipha Mntambo uses cowhide instead of traditional sculptural materials like wood and steel.

3:35:26 pm - Thu 27 Feb

‘I had to purge,’ says Athi

3:31:09 pm - Thu 27 Feb

Athi blames himself, blames men for the catatonic state Africa is in. Men had to go, in order to create a utopia for Azania.

3:28:53 pm - Thu 27 Feb

My choreography is my costume,says Athi. It influences how we move, sit and engage

3:23:18 pm - Thu 27 Feb

Athi up first. His latest project FWWOA

3:21:18 pm - Thu 27 Feb

Athi Patra-Ruga, Zanele Muholi and Nandipha Mntambo chat to Serpentine gallery’s Hans Ulrich Obrist

3:18:53 pm - Thu 27 Feb

Scholten says, ‘as designers, we need to pay attention to consumer choices’

3:00:09 pm - Thu 27 Feb

another view of the mini


2:56:40 pm - Thu 27 Feb

The designers Scholten and Baijimgs who conceptualised the colour for one mini project downstairs at the CTICC share their design process. Here is the a look at the finished product. Stripped down to its bare design, they have taken apart the car so that its fans will be able to customise it, right down to a nomadic bag which you can magnetically attach to the car when you’re travelling and then take it with you when you need it.


2:49:31 pm - Thu 27 Feb


2:48:03 pm - Thu 27 Feb


2:46:41 pm - Thu 27 Feb


2:39:32 pm - Thu 27 Feb

Lunch break over – delegates and speakers need to refuel and visit the expo, obviously. Here are some pics from walking around for 10 minutes. So much to return for and to take a proper look at. Photos to follow

12:36:08 pm - Thu 27 Feb

Great payoff line for car Space Fox, applicable to life and design possibilities and dream: ‘Whatever you imagine, fits’

12:31:06 pm - Thu 27 Feb

‘Never work under someone who is not better than you,’ advises Serpa

12:23:49 pm - Thu 27 Feb

Dave Trott as quoted by Serpa: ‘Complicated seems clever to stupid people’.

12:22:16 pm - Thu 27 Feb

‘Be unpredictable,’ says Marcello Serpa

12:13:33 pm - Thu 27 Feb

One of the most celebrated creatives in the world who is responsible for Havaianas is here – Marcello Serpa.

12:12:14 pm - Thu 27 Feb

After the financial crisis, they weren’t finding work so they started a company called Agent focusing on product design. They didn’t have any clients so they had a lot of freedom and created the first airless soccer ball with a radio-frequency chip so that referees wouldn’t have to run around after it trying to determine fouls. And you could watch live footage from images taken from within. It was never produced but won a lot of awards. There is also an incredible design for luggage with a pull-out section to transport kids around in, or that you could hop on so the suitcase becomes a sort of scooter. Or with an ergonomic design so you can sit and wait on it. The possibilities are endless. Rijkind implores us to ‘have an opinion, explore, there is no pattern’. This is a man who was in a successful band and opened his talk here at Design Indaba by playing drums. Incredible ideas

11:56:11 am - Thu 27 Feb

Rojkind asks ‘What is more stimulating – Times Square in New York or a park?’ He is working on a public cinema – Cineteca Nacional – with live concert spaces, parks within the building, an outdoor cinema. Instead of entering through a lobby, you would walk in through a park. The experience of being outside while we’re you walk inside. On the project, they have collaborated with different field experts, not because they don’t know what they’re doing but because, ‘We enjoy being “contaminated” with other people’s ideas’.

11:48:53 am - Thu 27 Feb

‘The way I hire people is not by portfolio but because they are thinkers,’ says Michel Rojkind

11:33:22 am - Thu 27 Feb

Next up, architect Michel Rojkind,based in Mexico City. While everyone streams in after a tea break, some in-house entertainment from Moonchild.

10:49:16 am - Thu 27 Feb

Margot asks David how the design of Five Hundred restaurant influenced the food. There’s a certified organic garden at the Saxon Hotel, where the chefs spend the morning talking food. They’ll spot a purple cauliflower, inspired to make something special with it. Even the energy of Joburg which David finds intoxicating moves him to create in different ways. He sees it as the next New York, pleads with everyone to visit downtown Jozi to look at the incredible buildings just waiting for something extraordinary to happen.

10:38:03 am - Thu 27 Feb

‘The chef’s role has become so much greater than what lands on the plate’ David Higgs

10:33:37 am - Thu 27 Feb

If you’re wondering whether you’ve ever sampled these extraordinary chef’s wonders, Margo Janse is exec chef at Le Quartier Francais Hotel in Franschhoek. She’s been there for 18 years. David Higgs is the exec chef at Five Hundred restaurant at the Saxon Hotel

10:27:27 am - Thu 27 Feb

‘My head chef was smoking pot under the extractor fan,’ says David Higgs. That’s what he loved about being a chef in the early days, the chaos called cowboy cuisine, deep frying whole chicken when it was unusually busy because of unexpected customers and they demanded food

10:23:34 am - Thu 27 Feb

‘That’s what I wanted, that magic in the kitchen,’ says Margot Hanse after working as a photographer but spending more time cooking.

10:19:04 am - Thu 27 Feb

The two chefs share their first experiences with food. Margot Janse: ‘I’m Dutch by birth, South African by choice’ talks about her mom pouring a plate of creamed spinach on her head when she refused to eat it and her father giving her beer at one-years old. David Higgs chats about sheep’s head, overcooked green beans and fishing days in Namibia. His career saw him start as a breakfast chef at the New Tulbagh Hotel in 1990

10:06:35 am - Thu 27 Feb

Next, Michelle Constant introduces two culinary rockstars, Margot Janse and David Higgs

10:05:36 am - Thu 27 Feb

DJ Stout is asked if there are any similarities between Texas and Cape Town/South Africa… ‘Everyone I’ve met from South Africa, loves to brag about it.’

10:02:24 am - Thu 27 Feb

The gentleman playing piano is Graham Reynolds from Austin, Texas, who did the score for movie Before Midnight. He’s certainly added a lot of drama to the talk. Powerful stuff happens when design meets music

9:52:08 am - Thu 27 Feb

We’re talking cowboy poetry. Who knew?

9:46:12 am - Thu 27 Feb

2014-02-27 09.41.54

DJ Stout shares his most iconic covers as art director of Texas Monthly.

9:32:56 am - Thu 27 Feb

2014-02-27 09.06.41

Screens are lit up everywhere, waiting to share. First up today is DJ Stout, a fifth-generation Texan. A pianist at a white grand piano adds drama to a video played on screen that scans across landscapes of fire damage and images of wild horses and cowboys

9:28:19 am - Thu 27 Feb

Good morning. It’s day two of Design Indaba 2014. Let’s get this programme started.

Wed 26 Feb

“Every child is an artist. The challenge is to remain one,” Chris Gotz, Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town as Design Indaba gets underway at the Cape Town International Convention Centre

10:09 am- Wed 26 Feb
Chris Gotz talks about Ogilvy’s campaign to say “Goodbye” to the Citi Golf, which was then South Africa’s most loved vehicle. It was one of the most successful campaigns generating millions of rands’ worth of free publicity.

10:15 am- Wed 26 Feb
“Our ability to pay attention to the world is shrinking. Our heads are in our phones.” – Chris Gotz

10:26 am- Wed 26 Feb
Juliana Rotich, a computer scientist from Kenya, takes to the podium.

10:28 am- Wed 26 Feb
Juliana Rotich displays slide showing a map of fibre optic cables under the sea around the African continent. This reflects “how ships used to move around Africa”. Rotich says there remains a lot of opportunity to link Africans to other Africans.

10:34 am- Wed 26 Feb is a non-profit open source software company for information collection started in kenya after the disputed 2007 Kenyan election to give ordinary citizens a voice. “We just wanted to do something,” says Juliana Rotich

10:37 am- Wed 26 Feb
“As designers we are here to keep a keen eye on what is happening because it pushes the boundaries of what is possible,” – Juliana Rotich

10:42 am- Wed 26 Feb
iHub, a collaborative workspace in Nairobi, has incubated thousands of upstarts, says Rotich. “We’ve got to create spaces where people are collaborating and doing things together.”

10:46 am- Wed 26 Feb
“Why do we use technology designed for London to Los Angeles when we live in Nairobi? Why don’t we design technology that is responsive to the African context?”

10:49 am- Wed 26 Feb
Rotich introduces the BRCK, a self-powered internet connection device. Follow the BRCK on @brcknet

10:55 am- Wed 26 Feb
Africa only has 15.6% internet penetration.
“There’s a link between increasing connectivity and increasing Gross Domestic Product,” Juliana Rotich says in closing.

11:35 am- Wed 26 Feb

Singer Nonku Phiri performs ahead of the next talk

Singer Nonku Phiri performs ahead of the next talk

11:39 am- Wed 26 Feb
Experimental Jetset is an Amsterdam based graphic design studio. Founders Marieke Stolk, Erwin Brinkers and Danny van den Dungen are now speaking.

11:51 am- Wed 26 Feb
“We actually hate helvetica,” says Danny van den Dungen. Yet they use it a lot in their design. Much laughter from the audience.

11:52 am- Wed 26 Feb
The panel, Experimental Jetset on stage.

11:54 am- Wed 26 Feb
“With (Stanley) Kubrick we find there’s always a stylised existential terror.”
Marieke Stolk on one of their influences. Stanley Kubrick is probably most commonly known for the classic film ‘Clockwork Orange’

12:02 pm- Wed 26 Feb
As tweeted by @OgilvyCT

12:04 pm- Wed 26 Feb
“Language is, before anything else, material. It can be shaped in any way you like,” says Marieke Stolk

12:12 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Experimental Jetset say the structure of the Os Mutantes song “Bat Macumba” is an influence on their design style.

12:17 pm- Wed 26 Feb
“We realise we are basically scavenging the wounds of modernism…”
- Marieke Stolk

12:20 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Jake Barton is the next speaker. He is the founder of Local Projects, a New York-based design firm

12:24 pm- Wed 26 Feb
“Start with Yes,” says Jake Barton

12:35 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Jake Barton demonstrates how they have taken new technologies and translated them for a museum, for instance, not to change but to amplify the experience of being in a museum. Video shows people in art museums using various devices to engage with the artworks.


12:40 pm- Wed 26 Feb
If you spend too much time refining things it leads to producing “terrible work”, according to Jake Barton. “Until you see something working, you don’t get that moment where you are like ‘whoa, this is amazing’.”

12:52 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Jake Barton and his firm were commissioned to work on the 9/11 Memorial Museum project. Global call was made for people to share online their experience of that day in 2001. “When you go into the museum itself the first voice you hear won’t be a curator but other visitors telling you what their experience of 9/11 is.”

1:06 pm- Wed 26 Feb
“Improvisation and Love” is how Jake Barton ends his talk, shows video of people engaging with the Valentine’s Heart sculpture on Times Square, New York.

2:00 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Lunchtime is up! Next talk begins now in a packed auditorium.

2:11 pm- Wed 26 Feb
“On a daily basis we are making a mess,” says Ije Nwokorie as he opens his talk at Design Indaba. “If you think about the processes that matter to people- democracy, for instance, they are really messy things.”

2:13 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Nwokorie: “People’s desks have to be messy, a manifestation of themselves”

2:15 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Nwokorie is the Managing Director of Wolff Olins, a London-based brand consultancy

2:28 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Nwokorie and his firm sent a small orange box with a switch around the world asking people what it made them think of in a campaign for telecommunications company Orange. One of the answers from a Senegalese lady is that if she could switch that light on she wishes her country would instantly become part of the developed world.

2:33 pm- Wed 26 Feb
With the Virgin Media logo, Nwokorie’s firm made people engage with the brand by asking them to draw the ribbon logo in the air. “People need to be really free about how they use a brand. get more and more people to get involved in a brand.

2:36 pm- Wed 26 Feb
In Africa creativity is not an option. We kind of have to be creative in order to survive, have the ability to think through things, to understand that systems don’t always work. So, you have a natural inclination to think about a way around things.

2:41 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Nwokorie ends his talk by playing a video about a brand they worked on called “Little Sun”. Read more about the brand here.

2:45 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Audience getting a dose of inspiration from young design graduates from across the world, speaking about some of their designs.

2:54 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Ian Murchison, now on stage, worked at Blackberry as an accessories designer and when he felt he had “peaked” at Blackberry he went on to create his own design firm. “What I knew I wanted to do was to get away from electronics and start exploring different things using different materials. What we noticed, coming from corporates with huge resources, is that creating co-working spaces is really vital.”

3:05 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Dave Hakkens, currently speaking, designed Phonebloks. The Vision, as spelled out on his website, was to create a phone “worth keeping”. The designer turned down a job at Google and is still pursuing the dream of creating a phone worth keeping. Visit his website by clicking here

3:12 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Agatha Haines, a graduate of the Royal College of the Arts, is now on stage. She, in her own words, designed a “series of aerodynamic babies”. Audience seems quite entertained.She calls herself a “little Frankenstein” and designed entirely new internal organs, too. These organs can help prevent strokes and heart attacks. Quite interesting (and she’s funny)!
Visit her website

3:28 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Stefan van Biljon is from Cape Town. His thesis as an undergraduate at the University of Cape town in 2010 about spatial manipulation shows how the Cape Town landscape allows it to be a fortified city that was ideal for apartheid segregation.

4:15 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Tom Hulme is up next. He is design director at IDEO in London, an award-winning global design firm that takes a human-centred, design-based approach to helping organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and grow.

4:16 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Singer Bongeziwe Mabandla performs ahead of Tom Hulme’s talk

4:20 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Tom Hulme speaking about technology.

4:32 pm- Wed 26 Feb
We’re all designers
We achieve more through collaboration
Tech is just a design tool
“Let’s stop structuring businesses with a digital team.”
- Tom Hulme

4:33 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Tom Hulme: “People say technology makes us anti-social. I guarantee that for the last 5 hundred years people were saying the same thing.”

4:35 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Tom Hulme: “Design has to address a real human need in a low friction way.”

4:41 pm- Wed 26 Feb
A few points as Tom Hulme speaks:
Technology changes rapidly but Maslow’s hierarchy of needs remains the same.

Great designers meet real human needs with lower friction and they make design delightful.

If you can’t start a project by first identifying a human need that it will address, don’t start it.

5:04 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Final speaker for the day Thomas Heatherwick, UK-based designer, is now on stage.

5:08 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Heatherwick designed the Olympic cauldron for the London Olympic games. Watch the video of it being lit to appreciate the gorgeous design…

5:18 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Heatherwick’s company was commissioned to design the building of a University in Singapore. The brief was that the lecture halls are to have no corners. This is what they came up with…
photo 2

photo 1

5:35 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Heatherwick: “Somebody once said to me the sign of a rich city is that rich people there use public transport.”

5:38 pm- Wed 26 Feb
“When something is what people expect, their perception cone- I just made that up- closes.”

6:15 pm- Wed 26 Feb
Wrapping up the first day of Design Indaba 2014, Heatherwick announces a project he is working on with the owners of V&A Waterfront.
“Today is a chance to show a project that has a future here in Cape Town, it wouldn’t have happened without Ravi and the Indaba,” he says.
Heatherwick revealed, for the first time, the design of a new Museum for Contemporary Art that will be built by converting the old grain silo building at the Waterfront.
This is a sneak peek into what they envision the museum will look like…


How grand?

And with that… Day one of the Design Indaba draws to a close.
Heatherwick: “This is the most exciting presentation that I’ve ever had to give.”

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Live blog: State of the Nation address 2014

Zuma Parly

Follow our live blog as our reporters bring you all the latest updates from the State of the Nation address.

3:13:05 pm - Thu 20 Feb

And he finishes his responses with :Compatriots, we have a good story to tell.

That’s it from the president’s SONA responses in parliament.

3:12:11 pm - Thu 20 Feb

Zuma also makes mention of the fact that the appeal of Hon Ambrosini about decriminalising Marijuana for medicinal uses has been “noted”.

3:11:01 pm - Thu 20 Feb

2:57:41 pm - Thu 20 Feb

Zuma: “One of the good stories of our freedom is the transformation of the SADF into an organization for peace”.

2:56:21 pm - Thu 20 Feb

Many people look at SA and forget it was a very funny country. Many had their rights deprived for centuries. A funny arrangement. Some South Africans were even deprived of their passports. If you compare SA with any country, in the past 20 years and say we are failing to move, it’s problematic because no country on this continent has moved so fast in such a short space of time.

Zuma says social grants are a way to deal with the development of issues because there is no way to deal with them. It is a means to an end.

When people make criticisms and comparisons they forget the above. South Africa was totally abnormal. You must appreciate that we are attacking a very serious problem that touches the poor, if you don’t know poverty, if you were always privileged, THIS situation will always be surprising to you.

He’s about to pick on Cape Town again. There are two cities in CT and no improvement made to the disadvantaged. Those people are called refugees in their own country. There has been no change. That is a continuation of THAT system that still continues in some peoples minds. That’s a problem. If you do not understand the problem then you are going “dream in parliament all day”.

He is brilliant off the bat, entertaining, engaging. Even with the irony of this money and poverty talk considering well… you know… the N word. IE: Nkandla.

2:50:16 pm - Thu 20 Feb

2:49:09 pm - Thu 20 Feb

“I want to see every child, especially those from poor households follow their dreams”. Zuma addresses Pandor’s statements about tertiary education and universal access to education.

2:44:12 pm - Thu 20 Feb

There is also mention of the delivery of textbooks in Limpopo at a low cost.

2:43:36 pm - Thu 20 Feb

“I am pleased to report to the house that Limpopo has turned into a good story”. Zuma refers to the debt accumulated :R2.2 billion rand. Now, the province has a cash surplus of over R4 billion.

2:39:59 pm - Thu 20 Feb

A few moans and mummers laced with the odd clap here and Zuma slates the Western Cape for using consultants in municipalities.

2:38:13 pm - Thu 20 Feb

“Many speakers have spoken about the work we have done in extending basic services – We have done exceptional work.” Zuma now responds to “some members” who raised issues with infrastructures in struggling municipalities etc.

2:33:39 pm - Thu 20 Feb

Now on to youth employment. Zuma says the forthcoming youth indaba which will be lead by the deputy president will bring together the youth and engage with issues like job creation and participation.

2:31:58 pm - Thu 20 Feb

Zuma says during community radio sessions, the response was different from the public then from their leaders he says. The people are not campaigning. They are happy. “Ofcourse things have changed for them. If you have always been living in a good house, things have not changed for them so much, I don’t know…”

2:28:21 pm - Thu 20 Feb

2:25:55 pm - Thu 20 Feb

Zuma addresses global economy and jobs now. “The state must intervene actively in the economy in the interest of the poor and working class”. Zuma tackles the question raised by Minister Davis now. He says the jobs fund has processed more than 3, 000 applications and approved more than 66 projects.

2:22:17 pm - Thu 20 Feb

Zuma has left his script behind here and gone the freestyle route. Waxing lyrical about affirmative action. “W did not say whites cannot be part of the economy”. “People don’t realise that black people are not complaining about the lack of exclusion in the economy for centuries… They are saying let’s walk together now to correct it”. Zuma invites a debate on this, “if needs be”.

2:20:20 pm - Thu 20 Feb

Perhaps previous laughter is because of this little reference?

2:18:56 pm - Thu 20 Feb

As the camera pans, there a few seats in the house that are indulging themselves in a bit of laughter while Zuma recites this number.

2:15:54 pm - Thu 20 Feb

A lot of laughter here as Zuma jokes about the possibility of the ANC being in power for the next 5 years.

2:12:22 pm - Thu 20 Feb

Zuma: “The ANC government has learnt from the experience of the past 20 years, we know what policies work and what does not work”

2:11:13 pm - Thu 20 Feb

2:09:38 pm - Thu 20 Feb

Many honourable members seem to either be listening intently or disguising their indifference by just looking as though they are listening intently. Hmmm…

2:05:24 pm - Thu 20 Feb

And again, he mutters, “Indeed we have a good story to tell”.

2:04:52 pm - Thu 20 Feb

Zuma starts off by thanking all the speakers who participated in the debate. He goes on to reiterate his main theme in SONA: The past 20 years and how SA is better than in 1994.

2:03:41 pm - Thu 20 Feb

Follow our live blog to receive updates of President Zuma’s responses to the SONA Debate in parliament today.

8:38:16 pm - Thu 13 Feb

And that’s it from #Sona2014. For the all the latest news and more of the in-depth stories on the address please visit our website at

8:29:39 pm - Thu 13 Feb

“Nkosi Sikelel’ i Africa
God Bless Afrika.
I thank you.”

As Zuma speaks these last words, the centre of the house raises to their feet in cheers. Members of the opposition and those situated on the sides remain seated.

8:26:45 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Zuma jokes about the new government. Says people should guess who it will be. Laughs a bit at his own joke.

8:25:35 pm - Thu 13 Feb

“To prepare for that first State of the Nation Address by the incoming administration later in the year, we have over the past year, been working on a Medium Term Strategic Framework.
The Framework has been designed as the first five year building block of the National Development Plan, from 2014 to 2019.
It also incorporates key targets of the Industrial Policy Action Plan, the New Growth Path and Infrastructure Plan.
The intention is to table the draft Framework to the first Cabinet Lekgotla after the elections.
It will be refined by the new administration in line with its electoral mandate, so that work can start as soon as possible after the formation of a new government.
It has been an honour for my administration and I to build on the foundation laid by the first three democratic administrations, to serve the people of South Africa.”

8:23:00 pm - Thu 13 Feb

“We also recognise, in her absence, our Oscar Award-winning Hollywood star, Ms Charlize Theron.
Ms Theron is also the UN Messenger for Peace. She also champions the fight against AIDS especially amongst the youth and young women.
She was also honoured by the World Economic Forum with a Crystal Award.”

8:21:29 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Zuma is now running through of cultural achievements made by South Africans.

“We congratulate Ladysmith Black Mambazo on winning their fourth Grammy Award last month. We welcome the group leader, Mr Joseph Shabalala, one of our guests this evening.”

8:16:43 pm - Thu 13 Feb

“Following requests from Sri Lanka and South Sudan for assistance in bringing about peace and reconciliation, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, has been appointed as South Africa’s Special Envoy to the two countries.

His expertise in conflict resolution and negotiations as well as our country’s experience in this regard, will greatly assist the two countries to resolve their problems.
We will continue to strengthen relations with Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and countries in the South.”

8:14:07 pm - Thu 13 Feb

“Democratic South Africa’s foreign policy was shaped many decades ago during the fierce international campaign to isolate the apartheid state” – Jacob Zuma

8:12:23 pm - Thu 13 Feb

8:09:43 pm - Thu 13 Feb

The house is starting to get really antsy here while Zuma talks about protests and the violence surrounding them. He mentions the use of petrol bombs etc. And there’s a murmur from the members. One almost gets the feeling that someone wants to remind him that the use of bricks and petrol bombs just yesterday was by ANC members.

8:04:08 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Zuma: “The Special Investigating Unit is investigating maladministration or alleged corruption in a number of government departments and state entities, through 40 proclamations signed by the President during this administration. We will keep the public informed of the outcome of the investigations.”

There were a few mumbles here, and someone uttered: “What about your investigations”? Zuma moves swiftly past.

8:02:43 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Need a break from the speech? Go take a look at the glitz and glamour from the red carpet earlier:

Bedazzled red carpet for Sona 2014.

8:00:33 pm - Thu 13 Feb

“However, the acute under-representation of women on the bench remains of concern. Of the judicial establishment of 239 judges, only 76 are women.
The challenge is to transform the legal profession broadly in order to nourish the pool from which female judges can be appointed.”

Implying that more women should go to law school so that the judiciary has more choices?

7:58:05 pm - Thu 13 Feb

“The independence of the judiciary has been further enhanced by the establishment of the Office of the Chief Justice as a separate institution from the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. We have passed several pieces of legislation to support this new role of the Office of the Chief Justice.
Progress is being made in the transformation of the judiciary to reflect the race and gender demographics of the country.
The Chief Justice of the Republic continues to champion and lead this transformation.
Black judges (African, Indian and Coloured) now constitute 61% of all judges.”

7:57:32 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Zuma thanks everyone involved in campaigns to help save the rhino. Mild applause from the house here.

7:55:40 pm - Thu 13 Feb

7:54:11 pm - Thu 13 Feb

“South Africans are now living longer”

7:53:42 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Zuma moves on to the department of health now.

7:49:34 pm - Thu 13 Feb

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p>Plenty of laughter and applause when Zuma mixes the words next year up with the word sexy. He enjoys the moment. <a href=”;src=hash”>#Sona2014</a></p>&mdash; Mail &amp; Guardian (@MG_Reporter) <a href=”″>February 13, 2014</a></blockquote>
<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

7:49:18 pm - Thu 13 Feb

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p>Zuma moves on to education now. &quot;The SA sign language curriculum will be offered from sexy… next year&quot; – he corrects himself. <a href=”;src=hash”>#Sona2014</a></p>&mdash; Mail &amp; Guardian (@MG_Reporter) <a href=”″>February 13, 2014</a></blockquote>
<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

7:46:05 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Read Jacob Zuma’s full State of the Nation speech.

7:40:50 pm - Thu 13 Feb

“Shale gas will be a game changer for the Karoo region and SA economy” -Jacob Zuma #Sona2014

7:38:59 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Zuma now addresses the science and technology sectors. “Cheers”, he says before moving to the automotive industry which has created 50, 000 jobs.

7:28:36 pm - Thu 13 Feb

“In no way can we have conflict that destroys the economy” – Zuma speaks specifically to the miners and unions. Applause in support from the house once these words are spoken.

7:27:21 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Now he addresses mining as, “one of our key job sectors”. Makes reference to the targets where mining is concerned. Mentions that housing of miners will be worked on as well.

7:24:35 pm - Thu 13 Feb

7:22:49 pm - Thu 13 Feb

He assures the assembly that we will get stronger if government works together.

7:22:23 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Now… a more solemn tone as he addresses the fall of the Rand. “The Rand depreciated by 17.6% inn 2013″, he notes. Mentioning that this will make our infrastructure more expensive. “Export industries should take advantage of the weaker Rand”.

7:19:57 pm - Thu 13 Feb

7:19:25 pm - Thu 13 Feb

7:17:58 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Zuma now addresses the recession, the effect it had on its economy and SA’s GDP growth – more than 3.5 trillion Rand. He says jobs are no being created again. There’s applause here.

15 million people have jobs in the country he says, and it’s the highest number ever in the country. 650, 000 jobs were created last year, he credits StatsSA with this number – says these numbers are not good enough. “Youth employment is still a concern in South Africa as it is in the rest of the world”, he says.

7:12:11 pm - Thu 13 Feb

“We’re able to overcome all the pain of the past and build a new society”, says Zuma as makes inferences to a state which now non-racial and democratic and representative of all South Africans. He also makes mention of the fact that it is a state without corruption unlike the one which was previously in the hands of a minority.

7:10:31 pm - Thu 13 Feb

7:07:17 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Zuma now pays his respects to Ben Skosana.

7:06:17 pm - Thu 13 Feb

“We find solace in the knowledge that Madiba will live forever in our hearts”- Jacob Zuma #Sona2014

7:05:29 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Jacob Zuma has proceeded to the mic. Proceedings are about to get underway. He opens by stating that this is the first state of the nation address to take place in the absence of the father of our democracy – Nelson Mandela.

7:02:42 pm - Thu 13 Feb

7:02:19 pm - Thu 13 Feb

7:00:59 pm - Thu 13 Feb

6:59:24 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Jacob Zuma stands with his hand on his heart as the brass band plays the national anthem. The anthem and the 21 gun salute have been completed and the Zuma makes his way in to the National Assembly while everyone present rises to their feet to welcome him. Applause and some fan fare as he enters.

6:49:42 pm - Thu 13 Feb

President Jacob Zuma has arrived and is making his way up the red carpet. The address is due to begin in 10 minutes.

6:09:10 pm - Thu 13 Feb

The red carpet has now been cleared with all politicians and their dresses and suits safely tucked inside. we’re awaiting Zuma’s arrival with his procession.

5:56:49 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Just over an hour to go before the address officially starts. MP’s are still arriving at parliament.

5:43:01 pm - Thu 13 Feb

5:40:12 pm - Thu 13 Feb

5:36:04 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Okay who had their money on the first #SonaSelfie?

It’s just happened. Helen Zille has used a couple of minute in between socialising to tell the public what she expects from this evening’s address and to also tweet a #SonaSelfie

5:26:37 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Some more celebrities and artists continue to make their way down the red carpet. The address is due to start at 7pm.

5:21:26 pm - Thu 13 Feb

5:09:14 pm - Thu 13 Feb

Thuli wears a long soft gold gown with a scarf around her neck twinned with silver shoes and jewellery. Why gold? “I was feeling light-hearted today,” she says softly.

She’s a bit shy though and retreats inside pretty quickly.

5:05:41 pm - Thu 13 Feb

The public protector Thuli Madonsela gets a hearty welcome as she arrives.

4:53:25 pm - Thu 13 Feb

In anticipation of the State of the Nation address later on, many opposition parties hope Jacob Zuma will address certain things. Take a look at what they wish for in this article.

4:47:08 pm - Thu 13 Feb

The State of the Nation is kicking into a higher gear now and gaining some momentum.

4:43:54 pm - Thu 13 Feb

The state of the nation address usually starts with a ton of media and photographers crowding the red carpet outside parliament from about 3:30pm, with very few big names arriving. This means the small fry have a neat trick to feel like a celebrity: arrive early on the State of the Nation red carpet for the starved photographers to fuss over.

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Liveblog: Mandela funeral

Follow our liveblog as our reporters bring you the latest from Nelson Mandela’s funeral in Qunu.

12:49:30 pm - Sun 15 Dec

The body of former president Nelson Mandela has been lowered into the ground. Hamba Kahle Tata Madiba.

12:45:21 pm - Sun 15 Dec

The cameras have been turned off and the final, private, stages of the funeral have begun.

12:42:01 pm - Sun 15 Dec

A flight of jets and airforce helicopters have flown over the burial site in Qunu, carrying the South African flag.

12:37:57 pm - Sun 15 Dec

Nelson Mandela’s coffin has been placed at its last resting place, next to the burial sites of his family. His journey is over. A small white tent containing the 450 people who were allowed to attend has been erected right next to the grave.


12:30:42 pm - Sun 15 Dec

The coffin has been lowered off it’s gun carriage and is now being carried by military pallbearers to its final resting site.

12:20:21 pm - Sun 15 Dec

Mandela’s coffin is being carried on a gun carriage behind a military truck. A band and marching soldiers are leading the small procession over the last kilometre that he will travel.

12:15:39 pm - Sun 15 Dec

The funeral will be private, with just the 450 attendees. The order of service gives a breakdown of what will happen:

- President and family are seated at the gravesite

- Removal of the Orders, Decorations, Medals and Miniature RSA Flag from the coffin by the SANDF to be handed over to the Chief of the SANDF who hands it over to the President for presentation to the Next-of-Kin.

- Undraping of the casket

- Pall-bearers salute and withdraw

- Military pall-bearers take up position

- Playing of the National Anthem, 21 Round Interment Salute and the Salute Flight The Last Post is sounded

- Sounding of Reveille

- Military pall-bearers salute and withdraw

- Committal Service by Bishop D Dabula

- Benediction: Bishop D Dabula

- The service will end with the national anthem.

12:05:00 pm - Sun 15 Dec

The 450 attendees are now slowly walking the dirt road to the nearby burial site. Soldiers have lined the whole path.

11:52:01 am - Sun 15 Dec

The grave site has an amphitheatre that can only take 450 people – that leaves 4 100 people to stay and watch the proceedings on big screens.

Cyril Ramaphosa reads out the lucky names: the family, the military command and its ministers, heads of state, former heads of state, traditional leaders, AU chair, deputy heads of state, ANC officials and the ANC’s national working committee, 15 senior ANC veterans, religious leaders

Richard Branson cracks the list as a member of the Elders, the group of former presidents and industry leaders that Mandela helped found to use their experience to help countries.

Ramaphosa asks that everyone act in the “true Madiba fashion” to “avoid a stampede”. He admits that “many mistakes were made” while many lessons were learnt. He thanks the South African people for making it a great send-off.

With 90% of the attendees whittled away, the ceremony ends and the military takes the body of its late commander in chief to its final resting place.

Ramaphosa began proceedings by saying that the body had to be laid to rest at midday, according to local culture. It does not seem like that will happen.


11:42:18 am - Sun 15 Dec

Bishop Ziphozihle Siwa delivers the final sermon. “We will forever salute you Tata.”

Mandela faced the full wrath of an unjust apartheid system, and refuse to be cowered, he says. Through his sacrifice he ensured that everybody had access to freedom and opportunity.

“We have to use what we have for a better life for all,” he says. And if everyone does this, everyone will be rewarded by God.”

Siwa says modern society is creating more takers than givers, and we need Mandela’s legacy to make us change this. Like Jesus, he gave everything to change people’s lives for the better.

“The best tribute that we can pay today is that we strive that our lives become both receivers and transmitters of hope.” As we bid Tata Nelson Mandela goodbye, we should strive to continue his legacy, he says.

This part of the service ends, over an hour behind schedule.

The army will now take the body to Mandela’s final resting site.


11:40:59 am - Sun 15 Dec

Twitter is full of people digging up anecdotes and pictures from Mandela’s 95 years – creating a conversation across countries and continents.

11:25:20 am - Sun 15 Dec

Bantu Holomisa, head of the United Democratic Front and a Mandela family spokesperson, takes to the podium for the family’s vote of thanks.

“We were overwhelmed by the support that we received from our fellow South Africans and the international community. Thank you very much.” He also thanks the government for organising a proper state funeral.

While reading from a speech, he goes off the page to speak directly to the family and the audience. Again, there are laughs.

He then proceeds to thank everyone who was involved in making the last 10 days happens – from military officials to the choir singers.

The planning for Mandela’s death started eight years ago, when the statesman first showed signs of ill health. Since then everyone had been involved in the planning for this last journey, he says. ”Today’s event is unprecedented and we will not have such a day again.”

He has one joke, saying thanks to his former secretary-general Cyril Ramaphosa. More laughter from the audience.

“Thank you Tata for the task you placed in me. The responsibility you placed in me was tremendous. It was an honour to serve you.”

“The Madiba song may have ended, but its melody lingers. It is our responsibility to ensure that its melody never stops,” he ends.

11:12:17 am - Sun 15 Dec

Former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda takes a sprightly run to the stage, with proceedings running far behind time. The whole crowd cheers his enthusiasm.

He speaks slowly, considering each statement, while he delivers the vote of thanks.

“Who is Nelson Mandela? Who is he? This man is a blessed child of God Almighty. He followed the commandments that God gave to the whole human race.”

Kaunda attended Fort Hare with Mandela, and says Mandela was born into a land where white and black people were segregated in every way.

“Love your neighbour as you love yourself.” That neighbour is a neighbour, made in God’s image, regardless of their race or creed, he says. “This great young man we worship today came along and said ‘No my Boer friends, we can’t go on like this’.”

“Can you see how wonderful he was? All those games of the Boers, he went there and said ‘This is my game as well’.” He speaks about how Mandela used rugby to unify the nation.

Midway through his speech, Cyril Ramaphosa passes a piece of paper saying he is running out of time. “This young man is chasing me away,” he chides. The crowd laughs again, its mood is constantly swinging between jovial and sombre in the grand hall.

“Madiba showed us the way. You are all God’s children. Come together, work together, and God will show you the way.”

“He is no more in terms of this life. Let us remember this love that he had for us all. Without that we cannot succeed. Remember to love your neighbour as you love yourself.”

He spares his last thoughts for the future, and President Zuma: “This young president here comes out of your work. You are are all going to support him with your activities.”


10:57:06 am - Sun 15 Dec

Still reading, President Zuma says, ”Our thoughts are with the community of Qunu and surroundings who have lost their famous son.”

“Madiba, we will miss your smile, your laughter, your love and your leadership. We will cherish every moment that we spent with you.”

“You will remain our guiding light, illuminating the path on the long journey to build the South Africa of your dreams.”

Mandela is not leaving, as he will live forever in the hearts and minds of those that are left behind, he says.

“Hamba Kahle.” The whole crowd is back on their feet, singing.

10:53:10 am - Sun 15 Dec

Mandela’s ideas defined the ANC, says Zuma.

His speech at the Rivonia trial has been quoted so often that it is akin to excepts from the Bible, says Zuma. It is the guiding principle of the ANC and should continue to guide the country.

In April 1994 Mandela set out to build the ideal society which was united and prosperous. “You taught us to embrace one another as compatriots.” This was a man who hated racist discrimination, and tirelessly worked to fight it.

“We dare not reverse your achievements.” And as Madiba’s journey ends, the country’s must continue. “South Africa will continue to rise.”

The revolution will continue until the poor and working class benefit from the material benefits of the democracy Mandela fought so long for. “We undertake to take forward the promotion of an improved life for all.”

In what sounds like a bit of electioneering, Zuma promises that the country will be a better place and the poor will be uplifted. His turn of phrase seems to be taken directly from ANC manifestos. Schools and hospitals will be improved, and public servants will be held accountable, he promises.

“South Africa will continue to rise because we dare not fail,” he says.

He thanks Mama Graça Machel for being at Mandela’s side in the lat year. “The two of you made a formidable pair.” He also talks to the grandchildren, who have “matured beyond their age” because of the family that they were born into.

“Many have looked after you over the years, providing you with support and love. In many of them we see you,” he says.

The whole speech is read, with President Zuma seeming more forced after his initial vibrancy and singing.


10:36:32 am - Sun 15 Dec

President Jacob Zuma takes to the stage with the crowd standing and loud cheers. He starts by leading the crowd in song, much more assured and natural than in his much-criticised speech at Mandela’s memorial on Tuesday.

His seat is left open, Mandela’s two former wives drop their heads as he speaks, looking at their hands.

“Today marks the end of an extraordinary journey that began 95 years ago. It is the end of 95 glorious years of a freedom fighter, a dedicated and humble servant of the people of South Africa.”

“Tata it has been a long and painful week for us, your people, your relatives and your comrades, since you took your last breath on the 5th of December 2013.” When Mandela became critically ill last year everyone was gripped with fear and anxiety.

“We did not want to come to terms with the fear of your mortality.” Zuma speaking from the heart here. “What truly stands out is the spectacular display of admiration by the thousands who descended on the Union Buildings in Pretoria just to spend one moment with you as you lay in state.”

He rhetorically asks what elicited the sincere outpouring of emotions. “When people see goodness in a person, they respond by reflecting goodness back at that person and on their fellow men and women.” The crowd claps.

“Thank you for being everything we wanted and needed from a leader in a difficult period in our lives.”

“Whilst your long walk to freedom has ended in the physical sense, our own journey continues.” South Africans have to continue building the society Mandela tirelessly worked to construct, he says.

10:22:13 am - Sun 15 Dec

With access to the funeral restricted, many journalists have taken to reporting from people’s homes around Qunu.


10:19:36 am - Sun 15 Dec

The camera has not singled out former Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who was initially not going to attend the funeral. A furore arose, with allegations that the ANC was sidelining him because he had been outspoken about their rule.

“Much as I would have loved to attend the service to say a final farewell to someone I loved and treasured, it would have been disrespectful to Tata to gatecrash what was billed as a private family funeral,” Tutu said in a statement.

But late last night he changed his mind and caught a flight early in the morning to attend the funeral.


10:16:46 am - Sun 15 Dec

Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete says Mandela had a long association with his country. His country hosted the ANC while it was in exile and provided it with a home.

“Your grief is our grief, your loss is our loss. Nelson Mandela was our icon and our father as much as he was yours.”

The two countries worked intimately to help fight apartheid. MK veterans were given places to live and train in the country, thanks to Mandela asking for Tanzania’s help.

Madiba was instrumental in mobilising regional and international support for all liberation struggles in the region, says Kikwete while speaking under a giant poster of Mandela on the stage.

When Mandela smuggled himself into Tanzania in 1962 he had no travel documents, but was given documents by the Tanzanian documents. Many other cadres got similar help. “I know a number of you use Tanzanian travel documents. I don’t know if Thabo [Mbeki] returned his.” The whole crowd laughs again, the mood getting more jovial with each new speaker.

“The ANC found a new home in Tanzania, from where it operated, organised, spearheaded and prosecuted the struggle.”

On his return to Dar Es Salaam in the pouring rain after his release from prison, the streets were thronged with people – the largest crowd to have ever gathered in Tanzania’s history. ”Mandela’s charisma is unmatched in modern times.”


10:03:03 am - Sun 15 Dec

The inside of Nelson Mandela's funeral service.

Nelson Mandela’s funeral service, with 4 5000 guest gathered to pay their respects.

10:00:54 am - Sun 15 Dec

One laugh at last as Ramaphosa thanks Malawian President Joyce Banda for her speech. “Yes, Malawi.” The whole crowd giggles, and even President Zuma laughs. This is a reference to Zuma’s remarks earlier in the year about the country not having roads as good as South Africa’s.

“We can’t think like Africans in Africa. It’s not some national road in Malawi,” he said at the time.

Ramaphosa jokes that this subject is taboo at all ANC gatherings.

9:57:08 am - Sun 15 Dec

Malawian President Joyce Banda says she met Mandela when he came to her country. The short meeting was enough to inspire her, and change how she approached leadership.

The BBC called her to ask if she is practicing Mandela’s lessons after his death and she said, “Yes. Come and see.” Of all the speakers so far, her words ring out the loudest and most confident.

She says the world has to take stock now and look at how to go forward, based on the lessons that Mandela shared. ”We will strive to emulate president Mandela’s spirit”

“I learned that leadership is about falling in love with the people you serve and having them fall in love with you.”

She singles out Winnie Mandela for being with Mandela throughout his time in prison, and for being next to him. She also thanks Graça Machel for her “visible love and care for our Madiba during his last days of life”. Neither of the woman react, their faces set in sorrow as the crowd cheers.

She appeals to President Zuma to ensures South Africa “remain united and continue to be a rainbow nation, for this is what Tata Madiba cherished”. Zuma also does not react, his face looking exhausted.

“May his soul rest in everlasting peace.”


9:39:51 am - Sun 15 Dec

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, talking on behalf of the African Union, says that Madiba’s struggle is poignant for Africa with the trials and tribulations it constantly faces.

“Humanity was better off because it has had the likes of Mandela as torch bearers.”

The whole continent needs to look at the legacy that Mandela has left behind, and continue his struggle, he says.

“We should find consolation in the knowledge that his legacy will live on”

9:29:36 am - Sun 15 Dec

Nandi Mandela, Mandela’s granddaughter, says she is humbled to be representing all the children and grandchildren. “He was a true leader, who led by example. He was a true servant of the people.”

She remembers how he ensured that the children of Qunu had a Christmas with gifts every year. His example ensures that everyone wants to be better, she says.

When Chris Hani was assassinated the people listened, because they respected him. “He was truly humble and remained accountable throughout his life.” This is why people were willing to follow him.

Madiba was a lot of fun to be around, and had a great sense of humour. “During the last year we truly missed hearing his voice.” One of his favourite stories was about him chasing a chicken with a fork at the dinner table with the family of a girl that he wanted as a girlfriend.

Nandi Mandela smiles and remembers how cheeky Mandela was.

But he did have his strict side. He would make his grandchildren clean up after themselves.

“He recognised, he embraced, and he celebrated the humanity in everyone that he met.”

“Here lies a world renowned leader. A son of Africa. Who grew up in these rolling hills. He went to school barefoot but he became the president.”

As the head of the family, Nandi Mandela says they will miss his guidance. People now need to stop pointing fingers and have to come together to lead the country in his spirit.

She leaves the podium, walking down the stairs past the coffin.

9:22:04 am - Sun 15 Dec

Mandla Mandela, Madiba’s grandson, says it was through Mandela that the world learnt about the “beauty of reconciliation”.

He goes through Madiba’s life and how at every moment his story was linked to that of the country.

His speech ends with the choir singing, ”We’ll be with you till we meet again.”


9:18:37 am - Sun 15 Dec

Former trade unionist Jay Naidoo has joined people from across the world in pondering what next for South Africa now that its icon has gone.

9:09:46 am - Sun 15 Dec

Ahmed Kathrada, who was in Robben Island with Madiba and became a close friend of the former president, takes to the podium and says the last time he saw Madiba alive was when he was in hospital.

“I recall the tall, healthy, strong man. The boxer. The prisoner who easily wielded the pick and shovel while we couldn’t do so.”

“What I saw in hospital was a helpless man, reduced to a shadow of himself. And now the inevitable has happened. He has left us to join the A-Team of the ANC,” he says while trying to hold his tears back.

“We are a country that has been blessed by many great and remarkable men and women.”

That we live in a lively democracy is thanks to the long list of people who worked with Madiba to win the freedoms that are now enjoyed, he says.

While there is a long road ahead, South Africa has come a long way.

He then addresses himself to Madiba. “He was my elder brother. What do we say to you Madala in these days. The last final moments together before you exit the public stage?”

He says it is up to the new generation to face up to all of the challenges that the country has before it. But throughout this Madiba’s legacy will guide them. “One of our own, during his lifetime, has united the people of South Africa and the entire world on a scale never before experienced in history.”

He tells the family he wises there was a way to ease the family’s grief and pain. “We trust that in the ensuing weeks and months you can find the rest and peace you so much deserve.”

“Farewell my dear brother, my mentor, my leader. We pledge to join the people of South Africa to perpetuate your ideals.”

As he leaves the stage, the crowd moves into singing Jerusalem.

8:55:10 am - Sun 15 Dec

Chief Ngangomhlaba Matanzima, speaking on behalf of the family, says the booing at the FNB Stadium diminished Mandela’s legacy, but has kind words for the doctors that cared for Mandela while he was ill.

He talks about Mandela’s times in prison, when ”he spent countless nights not knowing what his family ate,” he says.

His words are greeted with rounds of muted clapping from the black-clad audience.



8:47:45 am - Sun 15 Dec

Cyril Ramaphosa, deputy president of the ANC, is addressing a much quieter audience than he did at Madiba’s funeral at FNB Stadium on Tuesday. He is standing in front of 95 candles, one for each year that Madiba was alive.

These were lit at 5AM to “remember the years that he was on earth and more importantly the contribution that he made,” he says.

A casket, covered in the South African flag sits below the podium where he is speaking, with the closest family members sitting next to it.  “The person who lies here is South Africa’s greatest son,” says Ramaphosa.

The service will end at 10.30AM so that Mandela can be buried at midday, as is the local custom when important people are buried.

8:29:31 am - Sun 15 Dec

Former president Nelson Mandela’s funeral service has begun in Qunu, his home in the Eastern Cape. State presidents and a total of 4 5000 mourners have gathered in a darkened hall filled with candles to pay their last respects to South Africa’s first black president.

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Liveblog: Mandela funeral

Follow our liveblog as our reporters bring you the latest from Nelson Mandela’s funeral in Qunu.

4:27:38 pm - Tue 10 Dec

You can read the full speech Zuma delivered at the Nelson Mandela memorial.

3:51:46 pm - Tue 10 Dec

That’s the end of our liveblog. You can find full reports on

3:34:33 pm - Tue 10 Dec

mandela_eff_stadium_3546[14]Economic Freedom Fighters supporters at the stadium.

3:27:02 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Bishop Ivan Abrahams now begins the sermon.

3:25:56 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Zuma’s speech has ended – Bill Clinton and other VIPs seem to be leaving the stadium.

3:24:55 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Zuma says the Union Buildings Amphitheatre will be renamed after Mandela.

3:22:55 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Some tweeters say police have cleared the bottom of the stadium and are standing guard. This was after Zuma was booed by the crowd. But we’re not sure if people left because of the rain or if the police are there to monitor the singing crowd.

3:16:17 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Madiba was one of a kind – Zuma

3:15:20 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Zuma: Under his leadership the new government focused on the democratic transition… Built institutions and removed apartheid laws

3:12:56 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Zuma says Madiba knew the power of sport, referring to his donning of the Springbok jersey during the 1995 rugby World Cup.

3:12:04 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Madiba never hesitated to speak his mind when it was necessary to do so, no matter how uncomfortable the words may be to recipients.

3:07:02 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Today is international human rights day, says Zuma, and is also the anniversary of Mandela’s acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

3:02:23 pm - Tue 10 Dec

The powerful name of Nelson Mandela lives on. It continues to inspire our people every single day – Zuma

3:00:05 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Jacob Zuma gives a reminder of the brutality of the apartheid state, and what Madiba had to fight against.

2:57:55 pm - Tue 10 Dec


ANC supporters at the stadium.

2:53:34 pm - Tue 10 Dec

President Jacob Zuma beings his speech by addressing Graça Machel and Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

2:52:01 pm - Tue 10 Dec

The crowd begins singing – the choir joins. PJ Powers is in the crowd too, singing and dancing.

2:49:19 pm - Tue 10 Dec

President Jacob Zuma is called to address the nation at the memorial. He receives a rousing applause. He’s preceded by a praise singer.

2:46:13 pm - Tue 10 Dec

The top of the stadium still seems full – people could be leaving the bottom of the stadium because of the cold and rain.

2:44:40 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Police have moved into the remaining crowd – it could be to stop them from singing. The number of people in the stadium is dwindling by the second.

2:41:14 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Mandela has set an insurmountable example to Latin America, says Cuban President Raul Castro ahead of Zuma’s appearance.

2:38:45 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Cuba’s Raul Castro Ruz speaks as mourners stream out of the stadium.

2:33:43 pm - Tue 10 Dec


Members of the Palestine Solidarity Alliance at the stadium.

2:30:59 pm - Tue 10 Dec

To us, Nelson Mandela was a visionary who epitomised an uncommon humanness – India’s President Pranab Mukherjee.

2:29:21 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Security has escorted the band members out of the stadium. Not sure if they will be allowed to return after the speeches.

2:28:17 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Ramaphosa just interrupted the Indian president’s address to tell a band in the crowd to remain quiet.

2:26:11 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Nelson Mandela was a disciplined cadre of our movement. Let us send him off with discipline, says Ramaphosa.

2:24:25 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Cyril Ramaphosa tells the singing crowd at the top of the stadium’s seats to sit down and maintain order.

2:22:26 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Mandela chose forgiveness over retribution – Pohamba

2:20:02 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Namibia’s President Hifikepunye Pohamba speaks now to a lot of singing and cheering. It’s hard to make out what the crowd is singing.

2:15:32 pm - Tue 10 Dec

In case you missed it, here’s Barack Obama’s full tribute to Mandela. 

2:05:00 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Up next, China’s Vice-President Li Yuanchao. He is greeted by loud applause.

1:59:31 pm - Tue 10 Dec

The great leader had his eye focused on his country, his people and the whole of Africa –  Rousseff

1:56:31 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff is called up next. With a translator, she addresses Graça Machel first.

1:54:17 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Obama gets a resounding applause. The next speaker has a hard act to follow. The programme lists Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff next.

1:50:11 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Mandela makes me want to be a better man – US President Barack Obama.

1:40:41 pm - Tue 10 Dec

The event organisers have developed a few techniques to subdue the unruly elements of the crowd. The defiant singing and dancing were drowned out by a loud recording of the popular gospel song “My life is in your hands” by American artist Kirk Franklin, accompanied by Joyous Celebration, to the absolute delight of the crowd. And now Obama’s mic is super loud. None of the dry unheard nature of the speeches that came before.

1:35:39 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Like America’s founding fathers… Commitment to democracy, rule of law. His willingness to step down from power.


1:26:22 pm - Tue 10 Dec

The singing has a definite defiant quality to it. The top tier of the stadium behind the stage is a moving mass of jumping figures, singing the clapping their hands. Dlamini-Zuma bravely forges through her speech despite the lack of attention.

1:20:44 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Dlamini-Zuma is SA’s former Home Affairs minister and current AU chair. I wish we could tell you what she’s saying but it’s near impossible to hear her over the spreading singing and dancing

12:58:15 pm - Tue 10 Dec

A smiling Ban-Ki Moon however gets a sort of pleasant approbation from the crowd.

12:57:49 pm - Tue 10 Dec

The official programme:

12:56:56 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Things are going from bad to worse as far as audience discipline is concerned. As Cyril Ramaphosa please for discipline in the spirit of Mandela, the cameras focus on an embarrassed Barrack and Michelle Obama and the crowd erupt. Then Zuma makes an appearances and sustained jeers are heard.

12:54:10 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Four of Mandela’s grandchildren are now lined up to address the audience, though again they seem disinterested in the words and more in who is on screen. The grandchildren are:

Mbuso Mandela

Andile Mandela

Zozuko Dlamini

Phumla Mandela

No Mandla Mandela, surprise surprise, though he is here with one of his wives.

12:48:17 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has also arrived but still no sign of Obama, amidst grumblings of rudeness from South Africans.

12:38:22 pm - Tue 10 Dec

The elderly Mlangeni had a tough time addressing the crowd, who mostly seemed to ignore his words and cheered and jeered according to whoever was shown on screen: with EFF supporters and Jacob Zuma drawing the biggest boos. Pretty disrespectful.

12:37:16 pm - Tue 10 Dec

A supporter at the memorial. (Reuters)

A woman sings at a mass memorial for Mandela in Johannesburg

12:31:21 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Mandela’s neighbouring prisoner on Robben Island and friend, the frail Andrew Mlangeni, addresses the crowd saying he is honoured to say something about Mandela “and how he touched my heart, my soul, my life and those of millions of South Africans”.

12:28:22 pm - Tue 10 Dec

An update from reporter Mmanaledi Mataboge:

President Jacob Zuma was booed several times by a section of the crowd at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in Johannesburg. This was in contrast to former president Thabo Mbeki who received loud cheers together with Mandela’s ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon. Zuma was booed when the screens showed him arriving with his two wives Bongi Ngema and Thobeka Madiba and twice again when he was introduced by programme director Cyril Ramaphosa.

This could send a wrong signal to international leaders who came to pay their last respects to Mandela, about how firmly in charge Zuma is of South Africa. Around 90 heads of state are in the country to mourn Mandela and this memorial service could provide a platform for Zuma to shine.

The majority of those booing Zuma were earlier singing ANC struggle songs in honour of Madiba. Zuma, who is also ANC president serving a second term, is due to contest next year’s general election for state president position.

Gauteng ANC is not Zuma’s strongest supporter, though premier Nomvula Mokonyane is his staunch supporter. Provincial chairperson Paul Mashatile however commands large support among party members.


12:11:49 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Ramaphosa started with a brief Mandela tribute and has not handed over to religious leaders starting off with SA’s chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein, who continues an analogy he’s spoken about comparing Nelson Mandela with the biblical character of Joseph, who was also unjustly imprisoned and rose to be a great, uniting figure.

“He too transcended his personal pain and years of suffering to embrace his brothers and sisters who had inflicted so much pain on him.”

12:05:21 pm - Tue 10 Dec


12:04:29 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Laughs as Ramaphosa apologises for the rain and then cheers as he says: “This is how Mandela would have liked it… African traditions, means the gods are welcoming you.”

12:02:46 pm - Tue 10 Dec

“We both trust that you work with us to ensure that we have a dignified and fitting memorial service in honour of our father Nelson Mandela,” pleads ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, clearly put out by the jeers.

12:01:21 pm - Tue 10 Dec

Ok it’s official as Cyril Ramaphosa introduces the VIPs on stage: there is some sort of lobbying going on that is rather embarrassing for our country. Mbeki now gets cheers AND boos, as if to make up for Zuma’s earlier boos.

11:59:42 am - Tue 10 Dec

11:57:28 am - Tue 10 Dec

Official proceedings officially kick off after that embarassing moment. We stand to sing the national anthem.

11:56:12 am - Tue 10 Dec

This is an incredibly interesting development: The theory went that Mandela’s legacy celebrations should bolster Zuma’s image, who  flaunted his closeness to Mandela. The boos come on the back of loud cheers for former president Mbeki and even last president under the previous apartheid regime de klerk. Is the tide turning so close to elections?

11:52:05 am - Tue 10 Dec

This is AWKWARD: Zuma has arrived and the crowd is booing – persistently!

11:48:40 am - Tue 10 Dec

Looks like we’re a long way from starting if we have to wait for Obama… apparently he hasn’t left Sandton yet according to CBS News’ Johannesburg Bureau Chief.


11:44:58 am - Tue 10 Dec

Winnie stony-faced and unsmiling despite cheers from the audience…

11:44:10 am - Tue 10 Dec

Interesting, given the positive response EVERYONE else has received. Maybe they did not recognise him.

#Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan appears on large screen in stadium with his bowler hat. No response from crowd at #Mandela memorial.

— Jon Gambrell جون (@jongambrellAP) December 10, 2013


11:40:16 am - Tue 10 Dec

Winnie and her daughter Zinzi arrive, solemn in black but to rapturous cheers.

11:37:47 am - Tue 10 Dec

Former president FW de Klerk, Mandela’s predecessor gets a roar of cheering from the crowd too.

11:34:39 am - Tue 10 Dec

Looks like the empty stadium situation may change soon:

@Zwelinzima1 21 trains and 171 buses should have arrived at FNB by now but haven’t yet.

— Franny Rabkin (@franstaar) December 10, 2013


11:33:21 am - Tue 10 Dec

From an AP article about Obama’s preparation to address the crowds today:

As Obama prepares to honour Mandela at a memorial service on Tuesday in South Africa, people close to the US president say he is well aware that his rapid rise through America’s political ranks pales in comparison to Mandela’s 27 years in prison fighting against a repressive government that brutally enforced laws enshrining racial discrimination.

Rather than view himself as a counterpart to Mandela, Obama has said he sees himself as one of the countless millions who drew inspiration from Mandela’s life.

“Like so many around the globe, I cannot fully imagine my own life without the example that Nelson Mandela set, and so long as I live, I will do what I can to learn from him,” Obama remarked sombrely  after Mandela died last week at the age of 95.

11:31:58 am - Tue 10 Dec

But the BIGGEST cheer is reserved for Winnie Madikizela-Mandela as she is shown on the screens making her way into the stadium. The crowds absolutely roar.

Graca Machel announced yet to another roar of applause.

11:30:35 am - Tue 10 Dec

Mbeki gets another ear-splitting cheer when his name is announced, along with chants of his name from the crowd. UN Secretary General Ban-ki Moon also gets a cheer as does Kgalema Motlanthe AND Cuban president Raul Castro!

11:28:19 am - Tue 10 Dec

An update from our reporter Chantelle Benjamin, outside Mandela’s home in Houghton.

The atmosphere at the Houghton home was jovial despite the driving rain with visitors consisting largely of families paying their last respects.

The children splashed around with glee, taking advantage of the weather and the large puddles.

Considering Mandela’s love of children, whom he saw as South Africa’s future, he would have no doubt observed their antics with great amusement.

If time had allowed, he might have treated them to his legendary rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which he loved to use as an ice-breaker for wide-eyed four and five year olds.

Pumeza Horo from Kempton Park with her three and one-year-old along with carer Vathiswa Kunene, braved the now pelting rain to run from a make-shift shelter to run with one child at a time to place roses.

The Mandela family left for the FNB stadium early, no doubt to beat the traffic and to meet heads of state and dignitaries who were heard passing in motorcades during the morning.

At about 10am the crowd, between the ages of 2 and 70, broke into song, dancing with umbrellas.

The fire department came to check that the media crews were adequately protected by the rain.

11:24:05 am - Tue 10 Dec

Excitement is really building up now, and the broken down busses and trains delaying the stadium from filling up may make their way here soon. As for the weather there is a fine mist in the air but not too bad.

11:18:34 am - Tue 10 Dec

Wow, crowds go ballistic as former SA president, and Mandela’s successor, Thabo Mbeki, takes his seat on the stage. There seems to be something of an Mbeki nostalgia and revival recently.

11:16:07 am - Tue 10 Dec

Our reporter Sipho Kings spoke to some people in the audience. Here’s what they had to say:

“I came here to bid farewell to Tata Madiba, the father figure to all of us,” said Jerry Mohloaboni. Donning a red Economic Freedom Fighter’s cap he was soon lined up for interviews from media organisation across the world. “We are what we are because of the old man, and the others of his generation like Robert Sobukwe.”

A child of the 1980s, Mohloaboni was conscious of Mandela being in prison, and learnt from his family the importance of this one man. Moulding himself on the country’s first black president, he moved into politics and has now joined the EFF after being disillusioned with the direction the country is taking.

“He wouldn’t have approved of our leadership now and it’s ideology,” he said in a cement corridor in the bowels of the stadium. “But he laid the foundation for us and it is up to us to continue.”

With crowds dancing through each level, the insides were a constant cacophony of echoed singing and chanting. Mainly ANC, but with splashes of red from the EFF. The constant and hammering rain outside ensured that people stayed away from their seats, leaving orange seats across the 95 000 seater stadium.

“It is a legend that passed away and we must all come here to respect the great one,” said William Ngwenya. A resident of Soweto, he waited for the assigned bus to give people in his area a lift but none was coming. They had to walk to the local bus depot and beg drivers to take them to the stadium, he said.

11:13:02 am - Tue 10 Dec

The band is in full swing, loud speakers overwhelming the previous voice-only singing of the crowd. A bit of a pity really, but the crowds join in.

11:05:14 am - Tue 10 Dec

More crowds arriving but not nearly enough. It’s gone 11am, the official start time, and there are still large swathes of empty orange seats standing out like sores. it’ll be pretty embarrassing if it doesn’t change by the time the world’s leaders get on to stage.

11:02:00 am - Tue 10 Dec

Bad luck Julius: the camera zooms in on a patch of red in the audience – a small band of EFF supporters – and the crowd boos…

10:29:32 am - Tue 10 Dec

A roar from the crowds as the screens show various dignitaries arrive plus celebs like Charlize Theron, who was just shown weaving her way elegantly through the entrance.

10:24:43 am - Tue 10 Dec

And now we have some news from our reporters roving the overflow stadiums. Let’s hope someone tells the people there that there’s plenty of space here at the main stadium!

At 10am, a total of about 150 people have their pick of seats in the Ellis Park stadium with its capacity of 62 000.

Several people arrived early in the morning and had to wait outside the guarded gates until they were opened at 9am.

The first ululations have just echoed across the empty seats in response to an image of Madiba casting his first vote.

The scattered crowd wear free issue T-shirts bearing the face of the father of the nation with “We love you Tata” emblazoned across the back.

“We had to grab any chance we can get to come and salute the old man,” said Theodas Khumalo, a shop steward from TFM Industries, a manufacturing company based in Olifantsfontein.

“Coming here alone is a sign of gratitude.”

A team of the stewards were driven to the stadium by their boss, who said he made the decision to bring the employees there as a way of “showing respect to the old man.”

A group of about 30 toyi-toying mourners have just arrived at the stadium and danced their way across the seats and onto the empty, waterlogged field. They hold umbrellas and wave a single South African flag, chased by stragglers wanting to join in the fun. — Thalia Holmes from Ellis Park


10:21:58 am - Tue 10 Dec

Aaaaand the Obamas have arrived, with the Bush(es?) in tow. Clinton is coming too with his family apparently.


10:19:08 am - Tue 10 Dec

Kgalema Motlanthe, Ahmed Kathrada and British Prime Minister David Cameron have arrived at the stadium. Here is Cameron amid the mediu scrum, being interviewed by Christiane Amanpour.

10:14:31 am - Tue 10 Dec

Here is a full-ish list of the famous people heading our way to honour Madiba. Besides the politicians we also will be hosting Bono, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell.

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai
African Union Commission Chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma
Algeria Speaker of the Council of the Nation (Senate) Abdelkader Bensalah
Angola Vice President Manuel Vicente
Arab States League Amb Samir Hosny
Argentina Acting President Amado Boudou
Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott
Bangladesh President Abdul Hamid
Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie
Belgium King Philippe
Benin President Boni Yayi
Botswana President Ian Khama
Brazil President Dilma Rousseff
Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza
Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Chad President Idriss Deby Itno
China Vice President Li Yuanchao
Commonwealth Kamalesh Sharma
Comores President Ikiliou Dhoinine
Congo (Republic of the Congo ) President Denis Sassou-Nguesso
Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo) President Joseph Kabila
Cote d Ivoire President Allassane Ouattara
Croatia President Josipovic Ivo
Cuba President Raul Castro Ruz
Denmark Crown Prince Federick
Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh
Ethiopia Prime Minister Ato Hailemariam  Dessalegn
Equatorial Guinea President Obiang Mbasogo
European Council President Herman van Rompuy
France President Francois Hollande
Finland President Sauli Niinisto
Gabon President Ali Bongo Ondimba
Germany President Joachim Gauck
Ghana President John Dramani Mahama
Guinea President Alpha Conde
Guyana President Donald Ramotar
India President Pranab Mukherjee
Ireland President Michael D Higgins
Italy Prime Minister Enrico Letta
Japan Crown Prince Naruhito
Jamaica Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller
Jordan Queen Rania Al Abdullah and Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour
Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta
Korea (South) Prime Minister Hongwon Chung
Lebanon Prime Minister Najib Mikati
Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane
Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Luxembourg The Grand Duke Henry
Mauritius Prime Minister Navinchandra Ramgoolam
Mauritania President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz
Malawi President Joyce Banda
Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto
Mozambique President  Armando Emilio Guebuza
Namibia President Hifikepunye Pohamba
Niger President Issoufou Mahamdou
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key
Nigeria, His Excellency Goodluck Jonathan, President
Niger President Mahamadou Issoufou
Norway Crown Prince Haakon
Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain
Palestinian State President Mahmoud Abbas
Portugal President Anibal Cavaco Silva
Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud
Saharawi Republic President Mohamed Abdelaziz
Senegal President Macky Sall
Serbia President Tomislav Nikolic
Seychelles President James Alix Michel
Spain Prince of Asturias Felipe de Borbon
Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa
Suriname President Desire Delano Bouterse
Slovenia President Borut Pahor
South Sudan President Salva Kir Mayardit
Sweden Princess Victoria
Switzerland President Ulrich Maurer
Swaziland Prime Minister Sibusiso Dlamini
Suriname President Desire Delano Bouterse
Tanzania President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete
Timor-Leste Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana
Tunisia President Mohamed Moncef Marzouki
Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar
The Gambia President Sheikh Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh
Uganda President Yoweri Kagota Museveni
United Arab Emirates Minister of Culture – Sheikh Nayahan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan
United Kingdom Prince Charles and Prime Minister David Cameron
United States President Barack Obama
Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro Moros
Zimbabwe President Robert Gabriel Mugabe
Zambia President Michael Sata

10:12:02 am - Tue 10 Dec

The covered areas facing the stage are full, shaking under the weight of thousands of dancing feet. Warding off the chill with struggle songs in honour of Mandela, the crowds move as one breathing beast, rising and falling with each beat. While there are concerns about empty seats at the stadium, crowds of hundreds toyi-toy through corridors, past the food queues that are dozens of people deep. -Sarah Wild

10:11:18 am - Tue 10 Dec


10:02:31 am - Tue 10 Dec

Beautiful image by our intrepid Social Media manager Haji Dawjee as she circles the stadium.

9:51:51 am - Tue 10 Dec

Helicopters circling overhead as the stadium gets readied. Surprisingly empty still, but the last of the scafolding is coming down and the stage is starting to look complete.

9:37:20 am - Tue 10 Dec

EWN has put together a nifty map of the countries sending leaders to honour Nelson Mandela. The number of leaders who have made their way to South Africa for Madiba is remarkable: possibly the largest gathering of state leaders outside of the United Nations since the funeral of Popoe John Paul II. Certainly the biggest gathering of leaders at a funeral uniting leaders as diverse as Fidel Castro and Barrack Obama on the same stage.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.32.35 AM





9:30:03 am - Tue 10 Dec

So apparently the Obamas are stuck in traffic.

8:41:21 am - Tue 10 Dec

As one Twitter user puts it, it’s like a soccer match here at FNB Stadium, except that we’re all on the same side.

8:29:37 am - Tue 10 Dec

Thousands of people already in the stadium forming whorls of dancing and singing; ANC-coloured mohawk wigs, Springbok jerseys, people draped in South African and ANC flags, toyi-toying up and down the aisles to the joy of camera crews, braving the rain. Those who brought umbrellas nab seats in the front rows, while the majority fill the back rows to hide from the rain. – Sarah Wild

8:28:44 am - Tue 10 Dec

The festivities have started earlier here at FNB stadium, with crowds of people queueing before the gates opened just before 7am. Despite the damp weather the atmosphere is incredible: people are singing traditional struggle songs and dancing and the stadium is about a quarter full with official proceedings due to start in about two and a half hours. – Verashni Pillay

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Live blog: Parliament honours Mandela

Don’t have time to sit through the entire special joint sitting of Parliament to honour Nelson Mandela? Read our liveblog as we capture the special moments, thoughts and
memories from the country’s legislature, as it reflects on Madiba’s life and legacy.

Follow our live blog for the latest updates from Parliament.


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