Design Indaba: Mark Shuttleworth

This South Africa-born entrepreneur is very passionate about the triple thrusts of cadence, design and quality in open source. He believes that free software can become the de facto way the world builds and experiences all software.

12:01:45 pm - Fri 25 Feb

“Truth is, we’re crap at files and folders. People always lose them”. Hence full screen filing/folder layout.
Ubuntu challenge – “Dive in. Learn. Lead.”
Key takeout – developers are fascinated by challenges designers can pose to them.
Shuttle worth – from my sartorial disaster you can see i have no sense of taste.
But designers also have a pathology of preciousness. Histrionics never shipped a product.

11:57:09 am - Fri 25 Feb

Interface design will change dramatically as we use more and more devices.
And now we’re told we can’t blog about the next innovation of Ubuntu. So I won’t, but it looks interesting. Just interface change in Terminal.

11:53:04 am - Fri 25 Feb

MS shows the space stolen by browsers like Chrome. And then refers to menus – do we need them always there?

11:50:34 am - Fri 25 Feb

When you hear the design ethos behind Ubuntu, it’s pretty impressive. For eg., Ubuntu takes away your ability to click on error messages. Because moe people don’t need to interact with common – for eg – Microsoft errors.

11:48:17 am - Fri 25 Feb

Talks about how greedy applications are about taking space on your toolbar.

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