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Oscar Pistorius has taken to the stand.

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12:10:33 pm - Mon 7 Apr

Oscar says he wakes up in complete terror.

He lost a significant amount of weight. His voice trembles as he speaks…

4:41:05 pm - Fri 22 Feb

Oscar Pistorius granted bail – Full story.

4:34:12 pm - Fri 22 Feb

2:40:51 pm - Fri 22 Feb

The ruling is about to begin…

2:21:13 pm - Fri 22 Feb

Listen to the ruling live, via EWN

2:18:57 pm - Fri 22 Feb

It’s almost time for the ruling.

1:19:53 pm - Fri 22 Feb

1:04:14 pm - Fri 22 Feb

Full story: Pistorius bail hearing closes, verdict due at 2.30pm

12:27:28 pm - Fri 22 Feb

Side reading: Ten things about guns in South Africa

12:06:00 pm - Fri 22 Feb

12:04:58 pm - Fri 22 Feb

Ruling is expected to be announced at 2pm this afternoon.

12:02:01 pm - Fri 22 Feb

Roux corrects his previous statement by stating that the prosthesis don’t need maintenance on a monthly basis, but often.

With that, the defence closes it’s response and both sides await the magistrate’s ruling.

12:01:06 pm - Fri 22 Feb

11:59:15 am - Fri 22 Feb

Roux is now addressing the flight risk issue as posed by the prosecution. He draws attention once again to the fact that it would be difficult and unlikely because of his well known face and celebrity status. He also mentions that Oscar’s prosthesis need maintenance.

11:54:21 am - Fri 22 Feb

The defence address some of the statements brought forward by Nel.
Roux suggests that the guns and cellphones were found on the bathroom floor as a result of Oscar entering with them and placing them there after he realised it was Reeva and found her.

11:51:02 am - Fri 22 Feb

As proceedings continue, the defence tries to illustrate that the charge should be culpable homicide. Roux: By Oscar’s own testimony, this is what he should be tried for.

11:43:35 am - Fri 22 Feb

To sum up:
The prosecution is arguing that Pistorius should have testified.
Nel: He was in possession of unlicensed ammunition regardless of whether it was his dad’s or not.
Nel: Oscar says Reeva slept on the right hand side of her bed but her bad and slippers were on the left
Nel: Nothing is stopping Oscar from fleeing and just carrying on with his life as usual, Julian Assange is the perfect example of this.
Nel: His disability should not excuse him
Nel: Pistorius planned murder that night, not necessarily weeks in advance.
Nel: Reeva sought shelterin the bathroom because Oscar was armed
Nel: President Zuma raised the issue of violence against women in his SONA address, this issue needs to be given attention.

11:36:57 am - Fri 22 Feb

3D walkthrough of Oscar Pistorius’s bedroom and bathroom [Video by Bruce Hong]

11:30:37 am - Fri 22 Feb

Reading for the break : Pistorius hopes to secure bail on fourth day of hearing.

11:28:52 am - Fri 22 Feb

The court is on a break now, when processions commence, Roux will have a chance to respond to the prosecution. The magistrate at this point seems slightly unconvinced about the argument that Oscar may be a flight risk. There have also been arguments surrounding his disability.

10:43:56 am - Fri 22 Feb

Nel is now questioning why Oscar didn’t look for Reeva. It doesn’t make sense to him, he says. How would Oscar just know that it was her that he shot? ( he references the affidavit here where Oscar mentions that he realized it was her).

10:34:27 am - Fri 22 Feb

The prosecution now addresses the defenses argument that Oscar was crying at the scene.

#OscarPistorius Nel: he cried when he was found… I shot this woman and now my career is gone, I can’t travel, I feel sorry for myself. – Barry Bateman

10:27:43 am - Fri 22 Feb

#OscarPistorius Nel: She didn’t say anything, not a word. The only reasonable thing would be ‘Oscar where are you, what’s going on’. – Mandy Weiner

Nel is once again pointing out the holes in Oscar’s affidavit, trying to convince the magistrate that no confession was made, it seems as though he may be pushing for one.

10:20:55 am - Fri 22 Feb

So far, Nel has tucked into the proceedings by once again bringing the magistrate’s attention to the fact that Oscar did not elect to put himself on the stand and testify.

10:11:48 am - Fri 22 Feb

Day four of court proceedings is about to begin. It’s rumored that the prosecution won’t take long with their closing argument today.

4:11:03 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Again, Nel raises the issue of Oscar’s affidavit, and the state winds up the arguments for the day by stating that Oscar never offered himself up for cross-examination, thus, his version of events cannot be questioned by the prosecution on the stand.

That brings us to the end of today. Still no verdict on the bail application and court is adjourned until 10am tomorrow morning.

4:04:58 pm - Thu 21 Feb

4:02:32 pm - Thu 21 Feb

He now turns the argument toward the testimony of the witnesses as brought forward by the defence…

4:01:23 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Gerrie Nel illustrates how even in Oscar’s own version, the result is still murder. He recounts the amount of shots fired and amplifies his statement by saying you only shoot four times when the intent is to kill.

3:51:58 pm - Thu 21 Feb

3:51:15 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Nel is now starting to question the legitimacy of the affidavit word for word, even going to the extent of re-enacting Oscar’s description of events. How could he not have noticed whether she was in the bed or not if he had to pass her twice?, he asks.

3:45:06 pm - Thu 21 Feb

3:44:42 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Nel tears into Oscar’s affidavit at this stage, saying that it lacks responsibility on his part.

3:30:26 pm - Thu 21 Feb

3:29:37 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is now posing that the location of the gun and cellphone are incongruent with Oscar’s version of the story. How did they land up in the bathroom he questions.

3:24:01 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Gerrie Nel is up for the prosecution…

3:09:47 pm - Thu 21 Feb

The prosecution argues against bail next…

3:08:30 pm - Thu 21 Feb

The argument has now turned to community reaction and social response. Nair wants to know if the public won’t be outraged at the release of Pistorius…

3:05:27 pm - Thu 21 Feb

As the defence continues, the magistrate makes reference to the Tasha’s incident where the gun went off as well as the threat incident …

2:58:53 pm - Thu 21 Feb

View from a fish eye lens Court C [Picture by Aki Anastasiou, EWN, Twitter]

2:54:23 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Read the article
The latest in court proceedings so far

2:52:36 pm - Thu 21 Feb

After a frantic rush by photographers to see exactly what the threat was, it is still unclear, court is in session again.

2:47:31 pm - Thu 21 Feb

In the midst of what seemed like Roux’s final statements regarding the bail application, magistrate Nair has adjourned the court because of a “threat” outside.

2:33:44 pm - Thu 21 Feb

2:32:12 pm - Thu 21 Feb

The Sarie article used as a reference in court earlier
Ons superster Oscar: “Roem nie altyd great’
Deur Charis Labuschagne, SARIE Februarie 2013

2:24:41 pm - Thu 21 Feb

And now, in defence of the argument that Oscar poses a flight risk:

2:14:56 pm - Thu 21 Feb

A lot of engagement from the magistrate in this portion of the proceedings. He wants to know crucial things and he’s sourcing information from the defence, looking for clarity: Could Reeva’s bladder have emptied as a result of the trauma (who’s to say she went to the toilet for this purpose), he also would like to know whether she could have responded when Oscar shouted at the intruder? Roux defends this statement and says she probably didn’t want to put herself in danger. Roux further admits that this case has a lot of possibilities but that the court needs to focus on probabilities.

2:00:12 pm - Thu 21 Feb

1:57:49 pm - Thu 21 Feb

The defence is starting to drive their argument home now. Going through the points alleged by the state and pointing out the lack of evidence to strengthen the bail application.

1:48:21 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Court is in session again…

1:44:21 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Side reading:

1:34:07 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Side reading:

1:16:59 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Outside the court, the media waits for Hilton Botha to exit. [Picture by Mandy Weiner, EWN]

1:05:35 pm - Thu 21 Feb

The court has adjourned for lunch, the defence will continue after the break and then the prosecution will present its own closing argument.

1:02:37 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Meanwhile the defence holds firm to its argument: If the state wants to prove that Oscar planned the murder of Reeva, then they need to take steps to do so because nothing thus far is aligned with those allegations. All the testimony which has presented so far has corroborated Osacr’s version of the story according to the defence.

12:59:32 pm - Thu 21 Feb

The case of Hilton Botha.
Hilton Botha was called back into court to continue his testimony on the second day of Oscar Pistrorius’s bail hearing.

12:52:17 pm - Thu 21 Feb

12:50:59 pm - Thu 21 Feb

The defence is revisiting the affidavits in their arguments for the bail application and consistently making reference to the fact that none of the forensic evidence at this stage contradicts any of the affidavits presented in court and that Botha himself corroborated a lot of it.

12:40:27 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Now Oscar’s defence – Barry Roux – will begin his argument…

12:39:04 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Botha has been thanked and excused by the magistrate. He steps down.

12:37:05 pm - Thu 21 Feb

There are now allegations by Nel that Oscar Pistorius does in fact own a house in Italy. He refers to a Sarie magazine article where it’s mentioned. This was brought to his attention by Botha, who called Nel about the article last night.

12:27:12 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Nair is revisiting some topics from Botha’s testimony yesterday. Seems to be pushing for some answers.

12:25:52 pm - Thu 21 Feb

12:24:07 pm - Thu 21 Feb

The magistrate is questioning Botha again because he is unhappy about the lack of clarity and evidence. He asks Botha if he would like to answer in Afrikaans in order to communicate better, Botha says he will continue in english.

12:17:51 pm - Thu 21 Feb

Seems like the proceedings are about to get going again…

12:06:27 pm - Thu 21 Feb

While we wait, a pic of the motion the unknown woman wanted to bring – According to Mandy Weiner of EWN, she has since been identified as the the alleged “ex-wife of Pistorius’ orthopedic surgeon”.

[Picture by Mandy Weiner, EWN]

11:40:45 am - Thu 21 Feb

Where is Hilton Botha?

11:38:51 am - Thu 21 Feb

Nel has announced that they were unaware of the impending case against Botha. The magistrate has adjourned for 15 minutes, because he would like to address the Botha issue and recall him. Botha resides in the building but not in the court room.

11:36:32 am - Thu 21 Feb

Magistrate Nair is now addressing the issue of Botha.

11:30:03 am - Thu 21 Feb

And the surprise for the morning…

11:26:38 am - Thu 21 Feb

The magistrate has entered the court and soon after Oscar Pistorius follows.

11:19:34 am - Thu 21 Feb

The NPA has just announce via eNCA that the decision to replace Botha as the investigating officer has not been made yet. That decision however relies with the SAPS. They make decisions regarding who should lead an investigation, however, the NPA has made clear that cases like these depend on a team of investigators, including ballistics and forensics teams who provide crucial evidence and not just on one person.

11:07:19 am - Thu 21 Feb

A lot of rumours surrounding Hilton Botha’s further participation in this case. No confirmation yet, so we wait for an official announcement.

10:47:09 am - Thu 21 Feb

Oscar Pistorius’s family gather in the public gallery ahead of the fourth day of court proceedings

[Picture by Mandy Wiener, EWN]

2:51:53 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Botha steps down as the magistrate reads out the reasons why bail may be opposed. Court is adjourned and arguments will continue tomorrow morning at 11.

2:46:35 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Nel is now trying to establish some clarification on the flight risk issue, asking Botha whether he thinks he will flee or not. The court room seems amused by the whole “do you think he will run?” reference.

2:39:37 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Read the article on Oscar’s previous assault cases here.

2:38:02 pm - Wed 20 Feb

2:36:21 pm - Wed 20 Feb

A lot of confusion in the court now as Botha reveals he had met Oscar before because there was a prior incident at his house where he was arrested. A docket was opened but the matter was not carried further, say Botha. The magistrate would like Nel to question this – Why has it not surfaced before?

2:32:28 pm - Wed 20 Feb

The magistrate wants clarification on whether Botha recognised Oscar…

2:28:37 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Nel seems to be going hard at the cross examination. Asking Botha to consider whether he really believes his version of the story is true.

2:23:17 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Side read – Oscar Pistorius case: Bail isn’t denied as easily as you think (Daily Maverick)

2:20:01 pm - Wed 20 Feb

And with that, Roux is done with the cross-examination and Nel will now attempt to recover some step as he re-examines Botha.

2:17:24 pm - Wed 20 Feb

And not, Botha seeks to dismiss the Melrose Arch gun fire claim…

2:08:25 pm - Wed 20 Feb

The statement about the holster being found on the left hand side of the bed is being addressed now. Roux asks whether Botha noticed the medicinal patch on Oscar’s shoulder because he was having problems. It’s because of this problem that the pair had swapped sides sleeping on the night in question.

2:02:36 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Even though the statement Botha received said neighbours had heard a screaming female voice, the defence has now stated that the voice was in fact Oscar’s.

1:57:18 pm - Wed 20 Feb

The defence seems to be hammering home the idea that Botha’s testimony lacks some significant investigation and that some of his statements can not at this stage be backed up by forensic evidence because the tests have not been carried out as yet.

1:54:09 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Botha is questioned about the ammunition.

1:45:16 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Roux is now questioning Botha about his insinuation earlier that the accused could be a flight risk…
Botha further admits to telling Oscar’s family that he didn’t think bail should be opposed.

1:41:56 pm - Wed 20 Feb

1:40:57 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Back from the recess, court is in session again and investigating officer Hilton Botha remains under cross examination.

1:22:37 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Court is adjourned till 1:30. Here’s a pic of the floor plans as presented in court.
[Picture by Alex Eliseev, EWN]

12:50:10 pm - Wed 20 Feb

The cricket bat theory has been squashed.

12:47:54 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Roux now starts to question Botha about his allegation that there were no calls made to Net-Care.
Botha admits to not calling Net-Care and asking them whether a call was logged.

12:41:51 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Roux provides evidence that Reeva’s bladder was empty. Consistent with Oscar’s version of the story – That she had gone to the toilet.

12:32:39 pm - Wed 20 Feb

The defence is aggressively questioning Botha about the proposed witness who heard the argument. So far details have emerged that she was 600m away and she did not specifically say she heard Reeva’s voice.

12:25:15 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Botha is questioned about the testosterone samples which were found.

According to Alex Eliseev of EWN, the drugs still have to be tested.

12:18:14 pm - Wed 20 Feb

Allegations surfacing now of more than 4 shots…

12:16:09 pm - Wed 20 Feb

In the cross examination, Roux asks whether Botha tested visibility in the bedroom at night with the lights off. Botha replies in the affirmative, and explains that it’s “pitch-dark”

12:08:31 pm - Wed 20 Feb

And it’s time for the cross examination.
To get all the details on what has happened so far, click here.

12:04:48 pm - Wed 20 Feb

The investigator now says that evidence showed Oscar kept his holster on the left hand side. That was Reeva’s side of the bed. He adds that it’s highly unlikely that Oscar was trying to protect Reeva or himself.

11:53:25 am - Wed 20 Feb

The state continues with their statement by making reference to Oscar’s prior encounters with guns and violence. The prosecution says there have been incidents in the past where Oscar has threatened violence, they also mention how a gun went off in Melrose Arch in his presence.

11:49:18 am - Wed 20 Feb

Lots of evidential testimony is currently being made by the state during today’s court proceedings which are contradicting Oscar’s statement yesterday.

11:42:52 am - Wed 20 Feb

11:39:53 am - Wed 20 Feb

The investigation seems to be making some strong observations on behalf of the prosecution. Seemingly incongruent with yesterday’s affidavit.

11:35:53 am - Wed 20 Feb

Photographers have now been allowed back into the court.
Botha is using the house plan to describe the events of the evening. According to Barry Bateman of EWN, the investigator says the Steenkamp would have to have been shot from inside the bathroom.

11:29:27 am - Wed 20 Feb

Court is in session again.

The house plans are being showed to the court.

11:12:15 am - Wed 20 Feb

A small group of protesters outside the court. [Picture by Mandy Wiener, EWN]

10:55:05 am - Wed 20 Feb

Court has been adjourned for a short break, while a floor plan of Oscar’s bathroom is set up.

10:46:26 am - Wed 20 Feb

He adds that investigations regarding the cricket bat however, are still ongoing.

10:45:57 am - Wed 20 Feb

There is no bloody cricket bat- as reported, so far. Botha thinks the cricket bat may have been used to try and break open the bathroom door.

10:44:05 am - Wed 20 Feb

Botha explains that they found tow iPhones near the gun. Neither of them were used to make the call to the police.

10:39:37 am - Wed 20 Feb

Hilton Botha explains the layout of the house. He describes the inside, and what he saw when he entered. He mentions that Reeva was wearing a black shorts and white top when they found her.

10:33:38 am - Wed 20 Feb

The state has called investigating officer Hilton Botha to the stand.
Yesterday, the defence read out an affidavit on behalf of Oscar, where he clearly stated it was not his intention to murder Reeva, even though that is the state’s accusation. News reporter Phillip de Wet was at the court covering the story. Read the details of yesterday’s proceedings here.

10:29:46 am - Wed 20 Feb

Today in court, the state prosecution will elaborate on its case against Oscar Pistorius after asking for a delay yesterday. Meanwhile, Oscar’s sponsors, Nike and Oakley have cut ties with the athlete albeit not indefinitely. Read more here.

3:09:30 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Media mob outside the court, [Phillip de Wet, M&G]

3:00:16 pm - Tue 19 Feb

The magistrate agrees to the prosecution’s request.

And that’s a wrap for today, stay tuned tomorrow for more updates as and when they happen.

2:56:45 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Back after the short break- Oscar’s defence rests and the prosecution asks if the hearing can be postponed until tomorrow so that they have more time to deal with Roux’s application and take heed of the affidavits they brought forward.

2:50:43 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Court will resume again after another short adjournment.

2:42:26 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Correction: Reeva’s best friend is Samantha Greyvenstein (not Cruyvenstein)

2:32:21 pm - Tue 19 Feb

2:30:59 pm - Tue 19 Feb

The defence continues to read statements from Oscar’s and Reeva’s friends, hoping to prove that the couple were not arguing.

2:24:53 pm - Tue 19 Feb

According to @eNCAnews, Oscar called his friend Justin Devaris after the shooting. Justin’s statement is now being read in court while he attends Reeva’s memorial service.
Justin says he became close with Oscar after they both discovered they had a mutual love of cars. “I introduced Oscar and Reeva,” his statement further says, “it was obvious they were immediately attracted to each other”.

2:20:52 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar’s friend Alex describes his relationship with Reeva as close and says they were very in love.

2:15:55 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar confirms that the details of the affidavit which Roux has read on his behalf are correct.

2:14:53 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar Pistorius: I dont know of any witnesses in this matter, and I wont interfere with any witnesses. (Source: Barry Bateman, EWN)

2:14:10 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar Pistorius: After the shooting I did not flee the scene. I remained until the police arrived. (Source: Barry Bateman, EWN)

2:11:00 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar Pistorius: I tried to help her but she died in my arms. (Source: Barry Bateman, EWN)

2:10:08 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar Pistorius: I kicked the door open. Called paramedics and complex security. I tried to carry her down stairs for help.

2:09:42 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar Pistorius: I walked back to the bed and realised Reeva was not in bed. Its then it dawned on me it could be her in there.

2:07:48 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar Pistorius: Because I did not have my legs on I felt vulnerable. I fired shots through the bathroom door and told Reeva to call police. (Source: Barry Bateman, EWN)

2:07:01 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar Pistorius: I was scared and didnt switch on the light. I got my gun and moved towards the bathroom. I screamed at the intruder. (Source: Barry Bateman, EWN)

2:06:09 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar Pistorius: I sleep with my 9mm under my bed. I woke up to close the sliding door and heard a noise in the bathroom. (Source: Barry Bateman, EWN)

2:05:31 pm - Tue 19 Feb

The statement continues… Roux will continue to read it on behalf of Oscar
Oscar Pistorius: I’m accutely aware of people gaining entries to homes to commit crime, I’ve received death threats. (Source: Barry Bateman, EWN)

2:01:03 pm - Tue 19 Feb

…Proceedings have come to a halt while Oscar seeks support from his family at the request of the magistrate.

1:58:24 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar Pistorius: I was watching TV. My legs were off. She was doing yoga. At the end of the evening we got into bed. (Source: Barry Bateman, EWN)

1:57:36 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar Pistorius continues his statement through his defence: On 13 Feb Reeva would have gone out with her friends, me with mine. She wanted to stay at home. (Source: Barry Bateman, EWN)

1:56:37 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar Pistorius nothing can be further from the truth that I planned the murder of my girlfriend. (Source: Barry Bateman, EWN)

1:55:19 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar Pistorius: I have been informed I have been acused of murder – I deny the accusation. (Source: Barry Bateman, EWN)

1:53:32 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Roux reads the statement on behalf of Oscar… According to Barry Bateman from EWN it says, “I make this affidavit of my own free will and have not been influenced”

1:50:56 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Court is in session again.
Oscar’s defence is asking the state prosecution to furnish them with evidence to support some of the allegations like the fact that Oscar and Reeva argued the night of the shooting.

They are also about to read Oscar’s statement.

12:39:46 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Nair has settled on a schedule 6 (premeditated murder charge) saying he cannot at this stage rule out planning.

12:25:45 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Nair is upset about having to rule on the case without receiving a certificate from the state stating that it was premeditated murder.

12:20:58 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Nair is going through the details of the case from both sides. First he voices the argument on behalf of the state and then reaction from the defence.

12:17:52 pm - Tue 19 Feb

According to M&G reporter Niren Tolsi, Oscar starts sobbing as Magistrate Nair is about to pronounce on the schedule of offence. If he is charged with schedule 5 it’s murder, if it’s schedule 6, it’s premeditated.

12:12:41 pm - Tue 19 Feb

The court seems to be taking a few minutes discussing the crowd control issue. The media are taking up a lot of space with their equipment, perhaps he should question the necessity of this since he’s already warned against taking pictures during the hearing?

12:10:46 pm - Tue 19 Feb

12:08:43 pm - Tue 19 Feb

Picture by: EWN Reporter

12:04:58 pm - Tue 19 Feb

12:03:13 pm - Tue 19 Feb

According to EWN, there seems to be a confusion about the use of the word “planned” in the court. Magistrate Nair questions the use of the word. The defence says “planned” means the same as “premeditated”, Magistrate Nair references this by reading up on some case law, he’s not convinced.

11:58:18 am - Tue 19 Feb

Once again a shuffle inside as journalists cram in. The court is packed.
(Picture by: Mandy Weiner)

11:53:11 am - Tue 19 Feb

The break’s almost over, hearing about to proceed again.

11:38:41 am - Tue 19 Feb

In the meantime, you can read the full update on the story by clicking here.

11:04:16 am - Tue 19 Feb

Court breaks the session, at this point the defence remains steadfast in its argument that this is not murder, nor premeditated murder.

11:00:17 am - Tue 19 Feb

The defence is once again arguing against the schedule six accusation. “How does the state know that he put on his prosthesis, walked to the bathroom and fired a gun? Is there a witness?” they ask.

10:53:43 am - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar seems perplexed by all of Nel’s statements. The prosecutor is being quite graphic, he’s not holding back when he describes the scene and Oscar seems to break down at the mention of Reeva’s name.

10:50:55 am - Tue 19 Feb

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel seems to be convinced that the shooting was premeditated. He’s posing some serious statements in court in an effort to substantiate the argument.

10:39:36 am - Tue 19 Feb

The defence is now arguing that there is no basis for premeditated murder and the prosecution need to prove that Oscar had better motives to kill Reeva other than shoot at her from behind a closed bathroom door.

10:33:03 am - Tue 19 Feb

The advocate Barry Roux is going to argue that it was not premeditated murder by providing proof of previous cases where parents have shot kids or husbands have shot wives through doors without even knowing who they were.

10:26:47 am - Tue 19 Feb

Journalists seems to be waiting for the court to mention of the bloodied cricket bat as some newspaper reports have shown.

Oscar seems to be holding a folded piece of paper in his hand as the defence prepares to speak. Wonder what it says?

10:06:55 am - Tue 19 Feb

The fact that he thought she was a burglar seems unlikely according to the prosecution. “Why would a burglar lock themselves in a bathroom?”

10:04:07 am - Tue 19 Feb

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel opens by outlining the circumstances on the night of the shooting. He describes that there were two people in the house.

And continues to offer a description of what might happened.

9:56:07 am - Tue 19 Feb

Oscar Pistorius appears in court today after another media scramble. Only a few journalists have been let in and photographers have been issued a warning about inappropriate snapping. They seem to be ignoring this though even though the magistrate has warned them that they will be held in contempt of court.

12:49:21 pm - Fri 15 Feb

That seems like it for today. We’ll keep you posted with any new developments on this story.

12:46:39 pm - Fri 15 Feb

As soon as the court is dismissed there’s a rush of media to the door, hoping to get a glimpse of Oscar or his family. He departs from the premises in a police van after being ushered out.

12:45:45 pm - Fri 15 Feb

Oscar will be held in the Brooklyn police cells until then, this is a departure from the way things normally run. Usually, suspects are held in their local prisons.

12:44:48 pm - Fri 15 Feb

Magistrate grants application for postponement of case, saying it will leave the investigation with more time to prepare. So the case is postponed until next Tuesday and Wednesday.

12:44:01 pm - Fri 15 Feb

When the “magistrate” reads out the charge of murder, Oscar cries, but then pulls himself back together, his sister seems to be praying quietly, while there is application going on to postpone the case.

12:42:59 pm - Fri 15 Feb

The magistrate has ruled against live coverage of Oscar’s bail proceedings. He will permit the broadcast of the judgment only.

12:42:37 pm - Fri 15 Feb

Oscar’s lawyer is against live coverage saying the bail proceeding is inquisitorial and therefore not finite.

12:41:51 pm - Fri 15 Feb

Media would like the proceeding to be televised mentioning the fact that the Schabir Shaik case was televised as well.

12:40:25 pm - Fri 15 Feb

The magistrate keeps calling for order but disgruntled journalist are scuffling outside the door, making a noise.

12:39:42 pm - Fri 15 Feb

Oscar arrives at court with a hoodie covering his face. His older brother Carl sits in the front row, the resemblance between the two siblings is uncanny.

11:07:10 am - Fri 15 Feb

Last minute formalities taking place in court. Proceedings seem like they’re about to get going. Oscar’s dad and sister amongst the attendees.

11:03:00 am - Fri 15 Feb

According to EWN correspondent, Barry Bateman (, Advocate Gerrie Nel will be prosecuting the Oscar Pistorius case. He is the same state advocate who prosecuted Jackie Selebi.

10:51:37 am - Fri 15 Feb

At the courtroom. All media camera crew including photographers who have not been pre-approved have been asked to leave.

10:37:33 am - Fri 15 Feb

Pistorius arrives in court to face murder charge.

Two police vehicles brought paralympian and murder-accused Oscar Pistorius to the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Friday morning. Read more here.

3:17:36 pm - Thu 14 Feb

Police spokesperson Denise Beukes has confirmed that Oscar will appear in court tomorrow and spend the night in jail. The dockets will only be seen in the morning and the case will be placed on the court row like any other case. It has to be seen tomorrow, even if it is after hours because court hearings need to take place within 24 hours of the reported crime. At this stage the prosecution is unclear but cases of this nature usually go to the National Director of Prosecutions.

The reason he was not able to appear in court today is because preliminary investigations are still taking place.

2:03:03 pm - Thu 14 Feb

Oscar to appear in court after 2pm.

1:31:28 pm - Thu 14 Feb

According to EWN reporter Alex Eliseev, police have confirmed that they will oppose a bail hearing later today.

1:16:49 pm - Thu 14 Feb

Oscar’s attorney has indicated to police that he will bring a bail application this afternoon at the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court.

1:16:20 pm - Thu 14 Feb

According to Beukes, the victim has not been named officially because her family live outside the province and have not yet identified her.

1:15:41 pm - Thu 14 Feb

Forensic investigators are still examining the scene where Beukes says at least two shots were fired.

Police are waiting on the results of an autopsy, hopefully due back later this afternoon.

1:11:28 pm - Thu 14 Feb

Beukes also says voices were heardthe previous evening. An argument? “Perhaps”, she responds.

1:10:36 pm - Thu 14 Feb

Brigadier Denise Beukes, senior standby officer in the scene, says neighbours called police after hearing the shots. A 9mm pistol belonging to Oscar was found on the scene.

12:12:43 pm - Thu 14 Feb

Pistorius’s lawyer Kenny Oldwage has left the Boschkop police station, according to Sapa.

11:48:43 am - Thu 14 Feb

Eye Witness News reporter alexeliseev tweets: #Oscar Reeva’s agent tells Sky News the couple had a “healthy, fabulous relationship”, going out for a few months.

11:40:09 am - Thu 14 Feb

Pistorius kept a machine gun near his window, according to this Daily Mail article.

11:33:13 am - Thu 14 Feb

According to Stephen Tuson, adjunct professor at the school of law, Wits, claiming self-defence can only work if you are the subject of an attack which is unlawful. If the attack has commenced or is imminent then you are allowed to use reasonable force as is necessary to repel that attack.

11:27:45 am - Thu 14 Feb

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius’s father on Thursday said his son was “sad” following a shooting at his Pretoria home which left his girlfriend dead, Sapa reports.

“I don’t know nothing. It will be extremely obnoxious and rude to speculate. I don’t know the facts,” Henke Pistorius told SABC radio news.

“If anyone makes a statement, it will have to be Oscar. He’s sad at the moment.”

11:12:23 am - Thu 14 Feb

Pistorius will make his first court appearance within hours.

10:54:00 am - Thu 14 Feb

Reeva Steenkamp’s last tweet:

What do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow??? #getexcited #ValentinesDay

10:45:16 am - Thu 14 Feb

Police have not named 26-year-old Pistorius as the suspect but confirmed that a woman, reported to be his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, had been found dead at the scene in the upmarket Silver Woods gated community east of Pretoria.

10:43:42 am - Thu 14 Feb

Stay tuned to this live blog on the shooting involving Olympian Oscar Pistorius. We keep you update with the news as it happens. It is a Valentine’s Day tragedy that has shocked the nation.

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